Sunday, September 27, 2015

Summer Lover

Jean Jacket - The Vintage Club
Top - Uniqlo
Skirt - H&M
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters

I have a confession...I'm a summer lover! Summer '15 was amazing. For the first time ever I learned how to have a laid back summer and I finally transitioned into the vintage me. 

My lovely husband is to blame for turning me into a summer lover. He's a teacher and has summers off. Oh, how I envied his lazy summer days. To him the summer means total relaxation. For me summer always meant unbearably hot subway stations and way too much perspiration almost all the time. 

The past ten summers also meant that my vintage clothes had to be packed away for the season. I deemed them too hot to wear because of their synthetic and heavy fabrics. But early this summer I remembered my discovery late last summer of summer vintage dresses at 10 Ft by Stella Dallas. They had two huge racks of super cute cotton vintage dresses. A light bulb went off for me. 
Comfortable and breathable vintage clothes for the summer do exist! 

So I dragged all my friends and the hubby to every vintage shop I could find. I even spent most of my vacation this summer in Lima, Peru on the hunt for vintage clothing stores. Our trip to Lima was great by the way! I'll tell you about that fantastic trip in my next post. I stocked up on so many great vintage finds this summer.

What's most significant about this summer is that it marks the beginning of vintage me! I'm wearing something vintage every day and can't go without my matte lipstick and 50's cat eye liner. I feel alive!

Summer '15 was my best summer yet. I learned how to enjoy the summer, stay cool in my new summer vintage threads, found the vintage me and made some great new friends at some amazing vintage shops...Thank you The Vintage Club, East Village Vintage Collective, Hamlets Vintage, Amarcord & Malin Landeus. I also found some stellar vintage shops on Etsy. I'll fill you in on all my finds very soon!

Although I'm now a summer lover I promise to gradually transition into fall. I will also no longer judge those girls who are also clinging to summer by still wearing their lovely flowy dresses and sandals along with fall jackets (not that there's anything wrong with that). But my question is:

Am I the only one clinging to summer? Are you a summer lover too??


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