Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Vintage Club

Visit The Vintage Club at Av. Ernesto Diez Canseco 470 in the Miraflores District in Lima Peru

Hat - Funky Fish
Backpack - Souvenir markets in San Salvador, El Salvador 
Jacket - H&M
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Converse from DSW

Check out The Vintage Club's Facebook page at
Also check out Elefance Blanco's Facebook page at and their Tumblr page at
The churros at Manolo are so delicious!
The Vintage Club is an amazing vintage shop I discovered during my trip to Lima, Peru this past summer. Finding this shop was one of the highlights of the trip. My Lima trip was already booked and my goal of blossoming into the vintage me was finally happening. I just needed more vintage clothes. I began my research of vintage shops in Lima but found that there were very few. From what I researched vintage clothing hasn't quite become the rage in Lima yet.

I spent most of my trip searching The Google for any information on vintage clothing shops in Lima. Most shops didn't have websites and the information I was able to find online didn't give me much. Toward the end of the trip I'd researched a few shops that seemed like real vintage clothing shops in other districts of Lima. But my husband and I became so used to exploring everything by foot and wanted to stay as close to the Miraflores district as possible. After another long research session I discovered that a vintage shop was extremely near us in Miraflores. We must have walked right by it! It was a tiny shop that didn't open until 4 p.m. 

After lazing around and eating too many churros at Manolo during the day, we headed over to The Vintage Club right before they opened. We waited anxiously outside the shop along with a few other shop admirers. Then finally the door opened and we all rushed in. I immediately fell in love with the shop! Everything was perfectly curated and perfect mix of everything I love. I raided the clothing racks while my husband/photographer snapped pics. I was hesitant to fall in love with too many pieces because I wasn't sure of the prices in the U.S. dollar. No matter how much I travel I can never seem to master quickly converting local currency into the U.S. dollar in my head. I am super frugal and price matters the most when I'm deciding to bring a vintage piece home with me or not. After finally asking for the prices in U.S. dollar I was shocked at how affordable they were. The two pieces I feel in love with were only about $35 total!! So I snagged a cool acid wash denim jacket and a cobalt blue blazer.

I wasn't yet a blogger but I introduced my self to Gabi, the shop owner and Lizeth from Elefante Blanco, a really awesome hat line carried at The Velvet Club. This was my first vintage shop to feature and as I was leaving I quickly thought of making it my standard practice to exchange contact info and take a photo with the shop staff. After a week in Lima I finally found vintage threads to add to my collection and discovered a real gem in Lima.

Have you been to Lima, Peru? Or are you thinking of going? Who's been to the The Vintage Club? What a find, right?

Leigh <3

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