Sunday, October 4, 2015

Attack of the 90's

Earrings - Etsy shop Glam Rocks Design
Gold Blazer - East Village Vintage Collective
Blouse & Bag - 10ft by Stella Dallas
Jeans - H&M
Boots - Etsy shop Restless Memories
Bracelets - Housing Works

Rafaella Britto, my new vintage fashion blogger friend from Brazil. 
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The 80's fashion revival came and went although I'm still in love with 80's fashion and always will. I can't let go of the fun from that decade and its amazing movies like Back to the Future (you can see my obsession with BTTF in the pics from this post. The hubby and I spent nearly a whole Saturday at the MoMa's BTTF movie marathon this past weekend).

Now fashion is onto the 90's. I honestly never thought the 90's would return. But they are so back! It's now okay to wear mom jeans, blue hair is cool, cell phones are large in size again and Seinfeld is totally back (thanks Hulu!). 90's fashion is here and hopefully will stay a long while. I'm a 90's kid and love it because for some reason it makes me feel young again. It's finally a decade I can relate to in special way because I was around and lived it. Over the past few years I've started to see vintage shops slowly carry shoes, dresses and jeans I remember seeing and wearing in the 90's. I initially thought "it can't's too soon". Now every vintage shop I go into has 90's mixed into their racks in a major way or most of the store is dedicated to 90's fashion. I love seeing 90's fashion all over the place. I have to say that I see it the most in the West Village. I never really noticed before how NYU students have such style! They are so on the 90's trend with their velvet dresses, doc martins, and long grunge dresses. I love it! But I also wonder if they know that they are wearing 90's outfits head to toe...

I don't think I'll be wearing 90's clothes from head to toe. My style is such a crazy mix of several eras. I love mixing pieces from different eras in the same outfit. I was just telling my new Facebook friend and very cool Brazilian vintage fashion blogger, 
Rafaella Britto, that I love so many fashion eras. I was so relieved when she admitted that she's the same when it comes to her vintage style.

I'm still finding the vintage me and my vintage style. But the cooler weather in New York really brings out the 90's me. I'm craving to wear all my mom jeans, ripped jeans and 90's blouses. I also hate to admit that I'm actually excited to wear my new vintage 90's long wool coats. I'm a summer lover but these 90's jackets are kind of amazing! But I'll be wearing them with skirts and dresses from the 50's, 60's and 70's as my style is to mix it up.

What are your thoughts on 90's fashion making a comeback? Are you a 90's kid?Are you embracing the 90's and ready to give fashion from that era another shot? 


  1. I'm so flattered that you have mentioned me. Thank you so much, darling! ♥


    1. It's my pleasure! Your style is amazing! <3 xo Leigh


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