Wednesday, October 14, 2015

East Village Vintage Collective

East Village Vintage Collective is located at 545 East 12th St (between Avenues A & B)


Maegan & Melanie, the shop owners. Follow East Village Vintage Collective on Instagram @evvintagecollective. Like their Facebook page at

East Village Vintage Collective is my new favorite vintage shop! I discovered this fabulous shop through Instagram. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I'm new to social media. I was so into it a few years ago but took a long break from it... Now that I'm blogging I can't live without it! I'm addicted! 

Before social media I would find vintage shops through exploring neighborhoods and by word of mouth. I would jot down the names of the stores in a small notepad that was like my little black book. I used to get so excited when finding a new shops this old school way. But with social media finding out about vintage shops is super easy. I find several good ones each week. The thrill of discovering a new vintage shop on social media is a bit more exciting than my old way. 

I discovered East Village Vintage Collective on Instagram. They posted a short video scanning a rack of new clothing arrivals. I immediately took note of the store's name and location and commented that I would swing by the store as soon as possible. There's always a rush to jump on vintage anything as it's a one of a kind and can get snatched up at any moment. 

I visited the store a few days later and now I'm hooked! I'm now a regular and visit at least once a week. It's a very well curated vintage shop filled with amazing dresses, shoes, accessories, records and nostalgic toys. I also love that the store is so well priced. They have the most affordable prices that I've ever seen in New York. I can't get over how they have so many amazing vintage pieces that are in excellent condition. I'm always on the hunt for vintage dresses and skirts and they somehow always have absolutely amazing ones. I usually pick up at least two every time I visit. 

I'll continue to go back because they have everything I need and more to add to my growing vintage clothing collection. Also, the shop owners Maegan and Melanie are just the sweetest dolls ever! 

Have you been to East Village Vintage Collective? If you haven't let's plan a trip to go there together asap! I know you'll love it and become a regular like me. 


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