Monday, October 26, 2015

Frida Khalo visits New York

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I have to admit that even though I took several art classes in college, I just learned to love and appreciate art a few years ago. I remember all the major male artist like Matisse and Van Gogh. But I had to do a quick Google search to refresh my memory on Frida Khalo. I heard so many amazing reviews about the Frida Khalo garden at the New York Botanical Garden. It was a marriage of my two favorite things: flowers and an iconic female artist. 

I meant to check out the exhibit sooner. But my busy schedule did not allow. Finally the day arrived for my visit to the Frida garden. I full of so much excitement to see the garden! I am a very fast walker normally but I must have been running to the Frida garden once I bought my ticket. I apologize to anyone I almost knocked over. It must have been a funny sight seeing a vintage loving girl with a flower crown speed walking through the botanical garden which is usually a place where people causally stroll through while admiring the flowers and plants.  

At last my husband and I arrived at the entrance of the Frida garden. I immediately felt the warm and welcoming energy that the reproduction of Casa Azul (Blue House) created. I wasn't the only one with this feeling. I noticed smiles and look of amazement on just about everyone's face as I strolled through the exhibit. I must have spent about thirty minutes in the entrance way admiring the beautiful sunflowers and lovely plants that looked even more lively against the bright blue wall color of Casa Azul. I was absolutely memorized by every plant and flower in the garden.

We eventually came across the reproduction of the Frida's work desk. How amazing must it have been for Frida to create art in such an plant and flower filled environment! I shop fast and check out art even faster. But I spent more time in the Frida garden exhibit than on any of my best vintage shopping trips or in any of the jaw dropping art exhibits I am thankful to say I was able to experience. It must have been the intoxicating flowers, overflow of plants and feeling of Frida truly all over this garden that kept me there near closing. I'll never forget the energy of Case Azul at the New York Botanical Garden and now I have a greater appreciation for Frida and will continue to explore her work. I left the exhibit feeling energized and truly inspired.

Did you check out the Frida Garden at the New York Botanical Garden? What did you think? If you haven't gone yet are you planning on going before it closes on November 1st?


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