Friday, November 13, 2015

Amarcord... Part 1

Amarcord has two store locations. The location featured in this post is in Willamsburg at 223 Bedford Ave between North 4th & North 5th streets in Brooklyn. The other location is in Soho at 252 Lafayette Street between Prince & Spring streets in Manhattan.


With the amazing Sarah & Elizabeth at the Williamsburg location. Check out Amarcord's website at and follow them on social media @amarcordvintage

 I love Amarcord because it's a bright, welcoming store filled with the vintage versions of the latest trends for the season and has very special vintage pieces. It's also an extremely well curated vintage store. I discovered Amarcord last winter when I was just starting to find the vintage me and was in search of a vintage winter coat. I was on a casual stroll in Willamsburg with the hubby and he pointed out this shop and suggested that we peak inside. We went in and I'll never forget how welcoming and inviting the store and staff were. 

We browsed for a little bit and then I confessed that we were in search of a vintage coat. They showed me where they were on the sales floor and were also kind enough to bring out several from the back. I usually don't like help from sales people in stores but these girls were on it and showed me the most awesome coats that were just my style. My hubby also tried on an awesome military coat that was quite special with several pockets and a cool detachable layer. I love that they carry men's clothing as well. I always feel a little guilty dragging my non shopping husband vintage shopping. It's always a treat when he's able to browse and try on some vintage threads as well. 

The unsure, new vintage me didn't end of buying any of the coats I adored but I still have them on my mind almost a year later! After this amazing shopping experience, I put Amarcord at the top of my list of vintage stores to frequent. I grabbed a card on the way out of the store and read that they had two locations. I couldn't wait to check out their other store location! Stay tuned for next week's store post featuring their Soho location!

I always recommend Amarcord to my fashionista friends looking for very special, specific and on trend fashion pieces as well as shoes, jewelry and accessories. I send them there knowing that they'll find what they need and more especially with the help of very friendly, knowledgeable and stylish sales staff. I just love Amarcord! They have the best selection of top quality and super special vintage finds that are always well worth the splurge!

Have you been to Armacord lately? How much do you love their stores?

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