Monday, November 9, 2015

Color Lover

Flower Crown - Gifted from a friend
Sunglasses - Beacon's Closet
Purse & Boots - 10ft by Stella Dallas
Shirt & Jeans - H&M



If you haven't already guessed after reading my previous blog posts, I'm a color lover. I've been obsessed with color for a little over a decade. I used to wear all black from head to toe. I started wearing all black when I began visiting New York as a teenager. It seemed like the cool thing to do and made me feel like a New Yorker. After moving to New York officially and being surrounded by fashionistas in college I soon learned that all black was the "uniform". When I first started wearing all black people commented how chic and fashionable I looked. But just a few years later people started telling me how drab and sad I looked wearing all black all the time. I'll never forget several people asking me if I was going to a funeral and why I wore black head to toe all the time. One day I went home and did an assessment of my wardrobe. It was entirely black with the exception of a few red t-shirts I hardly wore. It was time for a change. 

But I soon learned that it wasn't an easy task incorporating color into my wardrobe. I had such a hard time with it that I had to ask a neighbor to come over and give her advice on how I can add color to my wardrobe. I'll never forget her stunned reaction to the massive piles and drawers full of all black clothes. I think she hadn't noticed that I wore so much black and surprised that I had maybe two non-black items of clothing. She suggested that I start wearing the red t-shirts to slowly start to add color to my outfits. I think I had only worn the red t-shirts to do laundry or sleep in. It was such a strange concept for me to actually wear color outside for everyone to see. I remember enlisting a few shopping buddies to help me get off my all black outfit habit. I needed help with my addiction to buying only black clothes. I had to teach myself to gravitate toward the colorful racks of clothes when shopping to help break out of my all black box. 

I met my first perfectly dressed in all color muse, Rosie Assoulin, at my first job. She had an amazing sense of color and style (and still does)! She wore a lot of navy blue. I started to wear navy because it was technically color and depending on the hue was so close to my beloved black. She was my color role model and taught me that you can be fashionable and chic wearing color. I looked to Rosie for my color and style inspiration. 

I soon began my love affair with vintage clothes. I was was mesmerized by the bright colors and vivid prints in vintage clothes. The new vintage me is a proud color lover. I love how wearing color makes me feel. I have no shame wearing bright colors and psychedelic prints all year round. I'm okay with the stares I sometimes get when walking down the street. I don't mind standing out a bit from time to time in a sea of all black on the fashionable streets of New York City. It's so true that wearing color can put you in a good mood. I'm obsessed with my new bright, fun and very 70's printed skirts and dresses. Wearing them makes me feel alive and I like standing out from the crowd.

Are you a color lover?? Whats your favorite color to wear?


Leigh <3

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