Monday, November 2, 2015

Hello Harlem

Coat & Bangles - Housing Works Thrift Shops
Dress - 10 Ft by Stella Dallas
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Aldo




I rekindled a long lost romance with Harlem this past weekend. I lived in several neighborhoods in upper Manhattan for most of my very long stay in New York including several areas in Harlem. I took a short break from it when I moved to Brooklyn. But I missed it so much and luckily convinced the hubby to move to upper Manhattan. What bliss it's been! I'm now getting back into the groove of "Uptown" living. I don't know what it is about upper Manhattan that feels like home. The uptown neighborhoods have so much charm, history and so many restaurants, cafes and bars to discover. One of the amazing neighborhoods uptown is Harlem. 

Since moving back uptown I've slowly been exploring my immediate neighborhood and nearby ones. But after drooling over a Harlem restaurant food pic on Instagram I put a visit to Harlem at the top of my list. My urgency to visit was also fueled by all I've heard from friends about not only the delicious food but the fun bars, friendly people and cool vibe that is uniquely Harlem. I was determined to try some of the delicious food I'd heard so much about and finally check for myself how hip Harlem had become. 

The hubby and I started our Harlem trip with a delicious brunch at Amy Ruth's on 116th street. We then spent most of the day strolling up and down Harlem's historic, picturesque and very hip streets. After falling in love with the beautiful brownstones, seeing so many friendly faces and discovering so many places to eat and hang out, I turned this trip into a into one of our many reconnaissance missions. I knew that we had to come back and explore even further. I jotted down the names of all the bars, restaurants, cafes and bakeries that we had to visit on our next trip to Harlem. 

I hated to have to leave Harlem to head home. But I quickly remembered that it's so nearby and am already planning my next outing there. 

Do you live in Harlem? If not, when was the last time you've been to Harlem? What are your favorite places to go in Harlem and what do you love to do there? 

Leigh <3

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