Monday, December 7, 2015

Color Therapy

Head Scarf - Stella Dallas
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters
Coat - Housing Works Thrift Shops
Shoes - Retro & Me -
Dress - Cotton Candy NYC - My friends receive 15% off their 1st purchase w/coupon code cottoncandy15. Follow them on Instagram & Pinterest @cottoncandynyc

Hi friends! I'm back after having to take time off while I was under the weather. I was so happy this past weekend to finally feel back to normal. To celebrate my feeling better I decided to continue my exploration of Brooklyn and headed to Greenpoint. I've had this charming neighborhood on my list to check out for weeks since I've heard so much about its great vintage shops. I promise to tell you all about my fabulous visits to the vintage shops there in my upcoming Friday store posts! 

Oh, how I missed getting all dolled up and wearing my colorful vintage clothes while I was out sick. I can't tell you how excited I was to wear my colorful vintage pieces again. I wasn't 100% back to feeling like my normal self this past weekend. But I couldn't help but smile and feel more energized when I put on my new vintage navy dress with geometric print from Cotton Candy NYC, my new favorite Etsy shop that you have to check out! Their Etsy shop is very well curated and I'm obsessed with ALL their dresses. The prints, colors and adorable dress styles and silhouettes go perfectly with my vintage style. Also, save 15% off your first purchase with coupon code cottoncandy15. It was true love at first site with this navy blue dress. I feel in love with the style, print and the amazing color.   

As you may already know I'm a color lover. I've tried to adapt to fall color but just cant do it. I'm happier dressing in darker hues of my favorite colors or continuing to wear some of my warmer weather skirts and dresses with big sweaters and chunky scarves. I have to dress in colors according to my mood. I feel very off otherwise. I noticed for the past few weeks bright red has been my color of choice. I've actually never worn red before but I fell in love with how vibrant and alive it made me feel.

But this week I'm totally into navy blue and green. I've never paid much attention to color meanings. I'm now really in tune with the colors I wear. I'm perhaps in a navy phase for now but I look forward to the days when I'm wearing bright red, vivid blues and warm shades of pinks again. I take it that the darker colors mean that I'm still in recovery mode from whatever exhaustion came over me while I was sick. The good thing is that I'm blending in a bit more while wearing darker colors that suit the season. I'm sure I'll gradually bring back my super bright vintage peices and fun color hues. 

I may have asked this before in my Color Lover post but what is your favorite color to wear? What color is dominating your closet??

Leigh <3

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