Friday, December 18, 2015

Fox & Fawn Bushwick

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Fox & Fawn Bushwick, featured in this blog post, is located at 222 Varet St between Bogart & White Sts.
Their Greenpoint location is at 570 Manhattan Ave between Driggs Ave & Nassau St 

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Also, follow them on Instagram & Facebook  @foxandfawnbushwick

I adore Fox & Fawn Bushwick. I love their great selection of vintage clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry. I also love their amazingly affordable prices. They are my go to for all my vintage fashion needs and I always seem to manage to try on most of the store knowing that I will likely fall in love with everything I try on. 

I don't know how they manage to always have the perfect selection of dresses, skirts and coats - items that are always on my vintage shopping list. Every time I check out their store I'm so impressed by their organized racks and fantastic selection of pieces from several fashion eras. I'm a sucker for prints and color and they always seem to have a ton of pieces that catch my eye. I fill up my arms with pieces to try on in about sixty seconds after I enter the store. I somehow always end up walking out with a huge and heavy shopping bag feeling super thrilled about my purchases. 

Fox & Fawn has two locations. The location in this feature is in Bushwick, Brooklyn at 222 Varet Street. Their other location is in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I'll tell you about the Greenpoint location in a future post, I promise! I've shopped at the Bushwick location several times and always leave finding the perfect pieces. I developed a passion for pantsuits late last summer. I was so excited that they had a great selection of a variety of types of jumpsuits. I also was on the hunt for unique and colorful vintage coats. Once again Fox & Fawn had some great ones and I snagged my first red vintage coat that I adore.

You can also buy, sell and trade there at Fox & Fown Bushwick. One shopped I chatted with had just sold some of her vintage pieced but ended up buying a few new ones after browsing the store. If you haven't gone to Fox & Fawn Bushwick, you must go immediately! I promise that you'll love their amazing vintage selection and fall in love with everything in the store. 

Have you been to Fox & Fawn Bushwick yet? 

Leigh <3

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