Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Vintage Holiday

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Scarf - 10ft by Stella Dallas
Sweater - Metropolis
Purse - Housing Works Thrift Shops
Skirt - The Hand Me Up
Necklace - Berry Brand
Shoes - Steve Madden

I seem to always be a little late when it comes to getting into each season. I tend to cling to the current season until the very end... as per my blog post Summer Lover... But I'm almost ready the Christmas season. I've changed over my closets, packed away my summer dresses and skirts, and have hummed along to a few Christmas songs I've heard playing in stores while shopping. I also bought a small Christmas tree for the house which I hope to have time to decorate next week. I'm starting to think I'm a bit of a But who isn't during the busy holidays?

I wish the weather was a bit cooler. The Summer in December phenomenon in New York makes me want to unpack my colorful vintage summer dresses and skirts and wear them a few more times before 2016. I'll resist doing that as I can't bare the stares and don't want to be that girl that everyone rolls their eyes at for wearing bright and very obvious summer clothes in the fall. 

As per my last post I'm still into wearing darker colors and can't stop wearing navy blue. It fits my end of year mood and feels so right for the season. I was inspired to wear this fun, festive holiday outfit as I was headed to a holiday party at my friends amazing house in Brooklyn. I knew it was going to be a fun crowd and wanted to wear a dressy skirt with a fun sweater. I also wanted to finally showcase my wild, curly hair. 

This is probably one of the coolest vintage sweaters I own. I scored it last year after being quite overwhelmed with so many great vintage holiday sweaters at Metropolis. I wore it with one of my favorite vintage pieces, a long pleated navy blue skirt from The Hand Me Up Etsy shop. I love my very holiday ready burgundy velvet lace up flats from Steve Madden. I am obsessed with these dressy shoes and can't wait to dress them down with jeans. I also love a sale and was thrilled to get these during Steve Madden's very generous black Friday sale. I topped off this outfit with a past season statement necklace from Berry BrandI love their amazing statement pieces. 

I love the colors and fun, eclectic theme of this outfit. I was hesitant to wear it at first. As I was going to a holiday party I questioned if I should wear something more snazzy and sparkly. But I don't really have much in terms of a fancy black dress or sparkly frocks. That's actually not my style. On a side note I'm headed to one of my favorite vintage boutiques, The Lowry Estate this weekend to check out their holiday dresses. I read a few posts on social media about how customers were finding their perfect holiday dress there. I can't wait to stop by to look for my perfect classy dress with some sparkle and glam. 

Until then, I'm still in love with this fun ugly Christmas sweater outfit. It just seemed so perfect for the season and felt great to wear. Makes me feel like I'm on the right track to being ready for the holiday season. I turned a few heads  in the West Village and heard a few ladies say "cute" referring to my outfit. I was also more than happy to let an admirer of my holiday style take my photo. I think the key to this holiday season is wearing what feels right be it a simple look or something fun and slightly over the top like mine. 

What's your favorite holiday outfit? 


Leigh <3

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