Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Glam

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Coat - Etsy Store Shop VPV
Jean Shirt - Uniqlo
Sweater - Old piece from my vintage collection
Purse - Housing Works Thrift Shops
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Charlotte Russe
Earrings - Etsy Store Diament
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters

Happy holidays all! Are you ready for the holidays? This is one of my favorite times of year. The holidays can be so magical. Maybe it's the gift giving, fun decorations and hope of a white Christmas. Maybe not this year in my neck of the woods, New York City. It's been unseasonably warm most of December. But I couldn't wait to finally wear my super glamorous vintage 1960's faux fur coat. I fell in love with it at Etsy's Shop VPV.

I'm taking fashion risks these days and over the past year have a pretty good sense of my personal vintage fashion style. I've been so inspired by all the amazing faux fur that I've seen and decided that it was time for me to add one to my collection. Well, I actually bought two. I'll tell you about the second one later, I promise. Coats like these definitely make a statement and the ever evolving vintage me was ready to be one of those girls turning heads in a fabulous faux fur coat. I started the hunt for the perfect faux fur coat on-line. My go to for vintage anything is Etsy. I buy so much vintage on Etsy and don't know what I would do without this one stop shopping site! 

I feel in love with this super glamorous vintage 60's white and grey faux fur coat from Shop VPV which stands for Vantage Point Vintage. I loved the color and how elegant it looked. I was super thrilled when the package arrived and couldn't wait to try on and wear my first faux fur. I put it on over my pj's and was amazed at how fabulous and glamorous it looked on. I'll never forget the excitement and sheer joy I felt when I put on this coat for the first time to wear outside the house. I wore it with great pride and felt super stylish. I was totally in cloud nine when wearing it and didn't really notice any admiring stares. But this is by far my favorite coat. It's now my go to coat when I want to feel super dressed up and glamorous whether I'm wearing jeans or a fancy dress.  

What's your favorite and most glamours winter coat?

Leigh <3

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