Friday, December 4, 2015

The Lowry Estate

The Lowry Estate is located at 448 Jefferson Street @ St Nicholas Ave, Buzzer #22

With the amazing Corliss, the boutique owner! Check out The Lowry Estate's website at Also, follow The Lowry Estate on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @thelowryestate 

Bushwick Brooklyn just became one of my favorite places in New York City thanks to The Lowry Estate! If you haven't been to The Lowry Estate, you MUST go immediately to check it out! You'll love this cozy and extremely well curated boutique. I first learned about The Lowry Estate by stumbling across their Instagram page. After drooling over the images on their Intagram feed I immediately put this boutique at the top of my list of vintage shops to visit. 

I'm not as familiar with Bushwick as other areas of Brooklyn and have to admit that I got a little lost on my way to The Lowry Estate. But the anxiety and embarrassment of being a slightly lost, long time New Yorker quickly faded when we arrived at 448 Jefferson Street, where The Lowry Estate is located. I'll never forget the extremely warm greeting, Corliss, the boutique owner gave me as I arrived. She has the warmest and most welcoming spirit I I've ever met! I don't have to tell you have pleasant that makes any shopping experience. 

I was initially surprised by the cozy space but quickly saw that this boutique was very well curated and organized. I adored that the racks of beautiful vintage pieces were color coordinated and each rack had a theme and told a story.  Each piece somehow went together which is dangerous for me as I tend to pull pieces that tie into each other and create a look. I LOVED every piece in the store. After having a huge arm full to try on, Corliss set me up with a space to try on everything. She had a screen room divider which I loved. It reminded me of vintage movies and images I've seen of women trying changing and getting dressed. 

This was by far my favorite shopping experience. The music, the decor, the cozy space and super attentive and very knowledgeable sales help made me feel like I was transformed back in time to a 1950's shopping trip. I tried one amazing piece after another and fell in love with each piece. I was in a tight time crunch although I must have been trying on clothes and chatting with Corliss for at least an hour. I love her story and passion for vintage along with the fact that she comes from a long line of very fashionable ladies. I didn't make a purchase on my first trip but have plans to go back with a few friends to check it out very soon. I'm still on a red kick and I'm dying over the red Pendleton blazer I tried on in the image above!

Have you been to Bushwick, Brooklyn or The Lowry Estate? 

Leigh <3

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