Monday, January 18, 2016

Living A Dream Life

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Hat - Hamlet's Vintage
Sunglasses - Beacon's Closet
Denim Shirt & Jeans - H&M
Sweatshirt - Urban Renewal
Coat - Fox & Fawn
Shoes - Steve Madden

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Wow, a year ago today I was busy moving into my new apartment in a fabulous neighborhood in New York city. My apartment is the best I've ever lived in. With my lovely home and exciting blogging career I can honestly say that I am living a dream life. I couldn't imagine my life any other way. 

You can probably tell that I'm still in reflective mode after the new year and thinking about the upcoming adventures in 2016. I just keep looking back at all I've accomplished and all of my dreams that are coming true. I think I'm able to live the dream life because I've worked so hard over the past few years and have had some pretty amazing heros like Dr. King pave the way for me and my generation. 

I'm a vintage and history lover. I know all about the inequalities and injustices of past generations. While I am a lover of vintage clothes and admire certain aspects of decades ago I am so thankful to be born in a generation where hard work and determination can take you so far and silly things like your heritage or skin color don't keep you from living your dream. I'd like to think that all the accomplishments of my generation would make Dr. King very proud. 

What is your dream life? Are you living it?

Leigh <3

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