Monday, February 1, 2016

How to Live the Good Life

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I'm over the moon to announce that I'm finally back to my peppy normal self! The past two weeks were like a bad storm that has finally passed. I've always envied the good life and have learned a thing or two on living a pretty good life. Here are my tips on living the good life:

Surround Yourself with Good People
A really good friend helped me helped me snap out of my funk. She noticed how down and stressed I was and told me to stand up tall, hold my head high and snap out of it. She also told me to never let anything take my sparkle away. This has been some of the best advice that I've ever received. I'm so thankful for the really good people in my life who are are caring, encouraging, supportive and build me up whenever I'm down.

Always Remember How Good (& Short) Life Is
I am so into living a good life. Over the years I've learned that life can be so good and is too short. Life is simply too good to spend your days being unhappy and over stressed. I still have some levels of stress. But I've decided to never again let anyone or anything stress me out to the point where I forget just how good life is and take away from my happiness. 

Stay Positive
I adapted a life of positive thinking a while ago after learning how damaging and destructive negative thoughts and feelings can be. Right after starting my blog I also started focusing and doing everything with love. I soon had an abundance of great people and amazing opportunities in my life. I'm currently working on so many fun projects and collaborations that never would have come my way without the power of positive thinking and having tons of positive vibes in my life. 

Do What Makes You Feel Good
My motto is do what makes you feel good. I've been so lucky to have found several interests and activities that are my passions. They just feel so right and like they are my calling. I also always wear what makes me feel good. Wearing what makes me feel good affects my mood in so many ways. It gives me confidence and shows the world how I feel. I purchased this awesome vintage 60s cape from Muzukashii Onna's Etsy shop a few weeks ago and it felt so good to finally wear it. I love how it looks and wearing navy blue always makes me feel good!

From now on I refuse to let stress ever affect my lively hood in such a negative way. I'll continue to let love overflow from my life and determined to live the good life.

What are your tips for living the good life?

Leigh <3

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