Monday, February 15, 2016

How to Stay Stylish & Warm

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Brrrrrr! I experienced some of the coldest weather of my life this past weekend. I avoided fashion week events as it was just too cold. My excuse several friends was that "it's too cold to dress cute". I did venture out but stuck to more low key vintage sip and shop parties where I could take off my many layers and stow them on coat racks while I sipped wine, browsed for new vintage threads and made new friends while catching up with old ones.

After looking at several images on social media of people out and about in New York City I discovered a few things. Firstly it was very necessary to wear several layers and bundle up as it was dangerously cold. Secondly we had forgotten how to dress warm and maintain some sense of style. This past weekend for the first time this winter I adopted the fashion sense of my fellow New Yorkers. I wore a ton of layers which consisted of mix matched hats, scarves and any old coat that seemed the warmest. I nodded in support and empathy as I passed by the few people I saw venture out of their warm cozy apartments to brave the freezing cold.

After seeing such oddly dressed people out and about the biggest realization was that after being spoiled by a fairly mild winter we have totally forgotten how to dress warm and stay stylish in super cold temperatures. I'm not sure how many more super cold days there are left this winter but my goal is to stay warm while having style. Here is my guide to having style while staying warm:

It Starts with a Warm & Stylish coat

  • A warm coat can mean the difference between shivering and walking with confidence when it's super cold and windy
  • Whether vintage or new, pick your warmest and most stylish coat
  • A stylish coat can be in a fashionable shape, fun color or that has some interesting details 
  • Also if possible pick one that is a bit larger in fit so you can wear a few layers of clothes underneath it

Layer, layer and then layer some more
  • Layering is key 
  • Start with a warm outfit that if possible consists of long sleeve top and long warm skirt or pants that completely cover the legs
  • Then add a thin to medium weight long duster sweater
  • If you don't have a duster sweater, a regular thin to medium weight sweater will do
  • If you still have room to add another layer while still fitting into your coat, add a super warm and chunky sweater to your layers
  • Note you may not be able to move as freely but you'll totally appreciate all the layers when you're winning the battle against the freezing cold

Top it off with Fashionable Hats, Scarves & Gloves
  • Next is to select accessories that play a big role in keeping you insulated
  • I have a basket full of thrifted, vintage and modern hats and gloves and a pile of scarves in my coat closet
  • They are in a variety of colors, patterns and textures
  • Some of my favorite scarves, hats and gloves are in chunky knits, in faux fur or are super fuzzy
  • I like to mix and match them together and coordinate them with my coat
  • It's okay to mix patterned scarves with patterned or bright coats
  • Have fun with your cold weather accessories
  • I always love a bright colored hat or a big, over sized or textured scarf paired with a plain, solid colored coat
  • Cold weather accessories can easily add a ton of style to your winter look

Make sure you're all bundled up before heading outside
  • I've learned the hard way that you must take the time to button and or zip your coat before heading outside
  • Make sure to securely tie your scarf around your neck covering any opening of the neck opening of your jacket
  • Next put on you hat and gloves
  • I've rushed out of many restaurants and parties while still putting on my scarf and gloves in the cold
  • I immediately felt cold and found it hard to really warm up after putting on my gear
  • I now take the time to make sure I'm completely bundled up before I head out the door no matter what

What are your tricks and methods for being stylish while staying warm in the cold weather? I want to see pics! Tag me in your staying warm and keeping stylish pics on Instagram. I'm @pinkvintageheart!

Leigh <3

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