Monday, February 29, 2016

Southwestern Obsession

Head Scarf - Stella Dallas
Sunglasses - Beacon's Closet
T-Shirt - Hamlet's Vintage
Skirt - Etsy Shop Arsenic Kitty Vintage
Coat - Etsy Shop Noir Ohio
Boots - ASOS 

Guys I’m hooked on southwestern prints! I’ve been an obsession with any and everything with a southwestern print for years. I’ll wear any item of clothing or accessory with a southwestern print. I especially love bright and vibrant southwestern prints which I’m currently on the hunt for.

I love wearing all prints including fun, psychedelic, geometric or floral prints. But I don’t know what it is about southwestern prints and patterns that excite me. I have a feeling that I’m not the only one with a love affair for southwestern prints. I see them everywhere and have turned a few heads wearing my southwester printed shirts, scarves and blazer. I even had a friend who coveted my favorite southwestern blazer so much that I never took it off when she was around out of fear that she would walk off with it. Lol!

I scored this fabulous 90s wool southwestern wrap skirt from one of my new favorite Etsy shops Arsenic Kitty Vintage. I discovered this skirt featured on their Instagram page and just had to have it. It just screamed my name. It’s the perfect skirt in fall/winter colors and I love the length. With such a mild winter in New York City I was happy to finally wear this stylish skirt which kept me very warm this past weekend which was quite windy. I paired it with my vintage Dodgers t-shirt from Hamlet’s vintage and lipstick red coat from the fabulous Noir Ohio.

What are your feelings about southwester or similar prints? If you have any southwestern pieces, which are your favorites? Also can you tag me on Instagram in any southwestern fashion pics? Or you can e-mail me or comment below with links to Etsy or EBay vintage southwestern pieces that you find!

Leigh <3

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