Tuesday, March 29, 2016

6 Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

How many “turn on notification” posts did you see on Instagram the past few days? I must have seen at least a thousand. During the height of the controversy and confusion over the Instagram algorithm changes I decided to follow the advice of one of my fellow Instagramers and opt out of the update. I’m starting to hear of the confusion and upset on the new changes mostly having to do with user features we didn’t think would happen with the update.

I'm an Instagram fanatic and was initially very concerned about the changes. I spoke about how I use Instagram to network in my How to Network Like a Rockstar post. I use IG to help make new friends and to stay connected to old ones. Days before I opted out of the Instagram updates I started to think of the daunting task of turning on the notifications of all Instagram users that I follow. I took a minute to reflect on the Instagram feeds that inspire me the most. I LOVE all the Instagram accounts I follow. But below is a rundown of some of the Instagram accounts that I couldn’t live without. I’ll share more in a later post. Stay tuned.


Coast to Coast Mobile Vintage
You’ll adore this super fun and colorful IG feed! Coast to Coast Vintage Mobile truck travels from the east to west coast of the U.S. setting up at vintage and flea markets, music festivals and pop ups. I’m obsessed with the bright and must have vintage pieces and cheerful travel pics featured on this feed. I check this feed several times daily for a dose of happy and to put an instant smile on my face. I also absolutely adore the well curated vintage pieces from Coast to Coast. Check out their website www.coasttocoastvintage.com and their Etsy store.  

Lady Moriarty
You’ll love the fun vintage style, fashion and artistic pics of this cool fashion blogger! I’ve been obsessed with this blogger for over a year. I love her quirky style that incorporates simple and fun vintage pieces for casual looks with the perfect French flair. She’s a vintage lover like me and has paid me several compliments on my style which have made me blush. Our fashion sense is similar, no? I LOVE her and you will too! Check out and subscribe to her blog at www.ladymoriartyinparis.blogspot.com   

Barbie Girl Yukina
Who doesn’t love food and fashion? Your senses will be overloaded with this cute and cheery page documenting the New York City adventures of Yukina who is from Japan. I recently discovered this IG feed and check it daily for ideas for new food spots to check out, cool pics of New York City and her colorful and fun fashion style. Follow her on IG for a daily dose of the best of what NYC has to offer, new delicious food discoveries and an instant pick me up as her images are super fun and colorful.

Just a Uniform
Fashion and color lovers will rejoice over this UK fashion bloggers super colorful and upbeat page. I recently came across this IG feed and I’m over the moon for this page. I check this feed several times a day and drool over the colorful pics and outstanding fashion style. I can't get enough of her perfectly styled looks and pics that are a color lovers dream. Check out and subscribe to her bog at www.justauniform.com to get your dose of fashion goodness!

Myron Street Vintage
Vintage lovers will go crazy over this well curated IG feed for this awesome Nashville based Etsy store. Scroll through the pics for super stylish vintage clothes and accessories as well as a cool fashion inspiration. I luckily came across this IG account and check it often for new vintage finds. You’ll thoroughly enjoy this extremely and perfectly curated page for your fashion and shopping fixes. Make sure you check out her Etsy shop for pieces that you will surely love!

Retro Rhapsody
Fashionistas everywhere will fall in LOVE with this thoughtfully curated vintage Miami based Etsy shop’s feed. I have a love affair with this Instagram feed and am officially obsessed. I can’t get enough of the this welcoming page with colorful and boho vintage pieces that I always add to my wish list. Check out and shop away at their Etsy shop!

What are your favorite Instagram accounts?? 

Leigh <3

Monday, March 7, 2016

How to Network like a Rockstar

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Coat - Etsy Shop Noir Ohio
Dress - The Bargain District
Shoes - ASOS

Hi lovelies! A few weeks ago after some vintage fashion events and parties I had several friends comment on my networking skills and asked how I do it so well. I may seem like a networking pro but believe me it took years to learn how to truly network. I used to struggle with being shy at times and would often avoid any situation where I would have to be social. It's so easy for me now and I don't even notice that I'm networking at times. I love making real and meaningful connections with any and everyone I encounter. I don't network with the agenda of getting anything in return but just to simply connect. I think networking and connecting to others is so amazing and so much fun. I can't imagine my life without some of the fabulous people I've met and great opportunities I've had all through the power of networking.

I never really answered my friends’ question on my networking strategy. I kind of took it as a compliment. So here are my tips for networking like a rock star whether its for promoting your business, blog, finding a job, looking to expand your network of friends or dating.

Get out and be social
  • Find events where you can network with new people and if possible go alone
  • This may be the hardest part because it entails not only finding events but going solo without friends to chat with
  • I always have my eyes and ears open for events to attend that reflect my interests or new things I want to try or learn about
  • I discover most events on Facebook, Meetup.com, Time Out New York, and college alumni events
  • Also if my schedule permits, I almost always say YES to invites for just about anything from friends and new acquaintances
  • I find that I make the most powerful connections when I attend events and parties alone
  • It forces me to talk to strangers instead of mostly my friends and makes me easily approachable
  • But trust me, over time it gets easier to attend events and parties solo
  • I have a super long list of great friends and contacts that I’ve met while out and about at an event alone

Strike up a Convo
  • This used to be the main reason I didn't like attending parties or events, especially alone
  • I had no idea how to break the ice and start a convo with someone I’d never met before
  • It’s so nerve racking and I used to never knew what to say
  • But now I make myself approachable by making eye contact, smiling and being fully prepared with small talk and my elevator pitch
  • I’m always my cool and funny self and make sure people know that’s who I am within the first minutes of talking with me
  • Remember it only takes a few seconds to make a good impression
  • If no one approaches me which isn’t usually the case, I will stand near someone with a good vibe and start to ask them how they learned about the event or party that we are attending
  • Also, flattery will get you everywhere, when it’s sincere of course
  • If I genuinely dig someone’s shoes I make sure to let them know
  • Make sure to wear something that reflects your personal style and that makes you feel great
  • As a blogger who is obsessed with bright and colorful vintage fashion, I like to wear show stopping pieces that tend to start a conversation all on their own

Exchange Info & Follow Up
  • Make sure to exchange phone numbers, e-mail and or connect on social media with everyone one you talk to no matter how long you chat with them
  • I used to always forgot to exchange info and regretted it so much right after the person left or the next day
  • Get a business card made even if you it’s just a personal one
  • Make sure to bring a stack of them and have them easily accessible
  • I like to exchange cards if there isn’t much time to save the person’s phone number or connect right there on social media
  • I think it’s best to save the person’s info or connect on social media right then and there as it’s possible to forget to connect later
  • Make sure to send a follow up e-mail, text, or message or social media the next day or at least the following week
  • Otherwise your new contact may not remember you right away
  • I like to invite the person I just met out for coffee, drinks, a bite to eat or an activity or event we may have discussed
  • And voilĂ , you should soon find networking a breeze and fun as well as meet some pretty fabulous folks like I have!
  • I never would have scored this fabulous dress if I hadn't attended The Bargain District's store opening party and stayed connected with Monique, the fabulous girl who runs the shop

What are your networking tips? How has networking had an impact on your life?


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