Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy Weekend

Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters
Jean Jacket - The Vintage Club

Shirt - H&M
Skirt - Maison Jadis

Is it me or does a great weekend make the work week so much sweeter and happier? This weekend was a pretty happy one as there was great weather and tons of really great vintage shopping. I’m totally on a high from this past weekend. But it’s possible that I’m still on a high from the Modage Style NYC Vintage Fashion Bus Tour from the previous weekend. I get such a thrill being around fellow vintage lovers and connecting with people all while partaking in my favorite pastime, shopping! 

Here goes the story of my weekend. I slept in a bit, took my time getting ready, at breakfast outside and had the option of attending several vintage and thrift events going on all over New York City. I initially thought I could attend all the shopping events but it just wasn’t possible as they were pretty far from each other and I was running out of time due to such a lazy start to the day. I decided to go to Artist and Fleas in Williamsburg. They were having a Vintage Showcase and I just had to attend to see some of my favorite vintage sellers and to meet new ones. I quickly got ready and brought along my sweet rescue Yorkie, June. She’s one of my best and most patient shopping buddies, lol!

Artist & Fleas Vintage Showcase was packed with amazing vintage sellers and cool local artisans. The weather finally felt like spring and there was a great buzz and energy in the air both inside and outside of Artist & Fleas. I loved chatting and catching up with some of my favorite vintage dealers and meeting some cool new ones that I had been following on Instagram for a while. The hunger bug hit my hubby and I pretty hard and we had to wrap up our visit to Artist & Fleas sooner that I had hoped. I didn’t have time to try on anything but promise to go back really soon to try on all of the cute vintage dresses and skirts I saw at the showcase.

The hubby and I grabbed a quick bite and headed to 10 ft by Stella Dallas. I always visit 10ft by Stella Dallas whenever I’m in Williamsburg. I’m on a somewhat strict shopping budget but was on the hunt for a pair of vintage white high top Converse sneakers. I'm sad to say I didn’t find the sneakers but as hard as I tried not to look at the clothing I couldn't help but picking up a few things to try on just for fun... It's almost impossible for a vintage shopaholic like myself to really focus on just one item when in stores. Because vintage and thrift are often one of a kind you have to scoop them up when you see then. Nothing haunts us like the items we wanted but didn't buy. Shopping is my passion and too bad it’s not an official sport. I took a peak at just a few racks while looking all over the store for the high top sneakers. I fell in love with and had to bring home a great acid wash skirt and blue patterned pants. I’ll wear them soon and share pics on the blog and Instagram. Towards the end of my store visit my favorite sales girl there asked what I found and I showed her the items that I was buying. She also took some time to greet and give some much appreciated rubbing to my fur baby, June. She introduced me to her coworker who I had always seen but never spoken to. It put a smile on my face that after so many years I’ve made friends with staff at 10 ft by Stella Dallas. I've always seem the staff there so hard working and don’t always have much interaction on the sales floor with customers. I now look forward to going back again to check out their massive racks of  spring/summer vintage clothes and accessories.

I’m still on a vintage shopping high and so thrilled to have had another happy weekend filled with chatting with my vintage loving friends and making new ones!

How was your weekend? What makes your weekends happy?


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