Monday, April 11, 2016

Reaching for the Stars

Earrings - Etsy Shop Persephone Vintage
Sunglasses - Beacon's Closet
Shirt - Uniqlo
Trench Coat - Etsy Shop Rebel Closet
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - ASOS

What does reaching for the stars mean anyway? I Googled the meaning just for fun. I know what this phrase means to me. But as per Google it means slightly different things to different people. The two best meanings I saw were that it "means dream bigger and higher, for even if you miss the stars there is a possibility you might land on the moon" and "go for you dreams and goals". With such a beautiful meaning there is no wonder why I love stars so much. I've always been in awe of stars and thought of them as being mystical and dreamy. Maybe it's because they shine and sparkle so magically and are so far away.

Reaching for the stars has always been one of my my mottos. I've been embracing this motto and way of thinking even more this year. 2016 has been an interesting year so far. I continue to come across such great opportunities. I also can't help but reflect and be thankful for the wonderful people in my life that help support me as I reach for the stars. I'm so grateful for all the new people and connections I've made so far this year. This weekend I met some fabulous ladies and new friends on the Modage Vintage & Thrift Tour. Check out the pics below:
Modage Style NYC Vintage Fashion Bus Tour
All of us Style Mavens at the Manhattan Vintage Show
Selfie with my new bestie & fellow fashion blogger Wendy Derilus from JustJewels4U
Thrift shopping w/ Lerkia Lee, founder of  Modage Style NYC Vintage Fashion Bus Tour & fellow fashion blogger, Monica Byrd of
W/ Sofia of  Feel Naked w/o My Vintage at Manhattan Vintage Show
Checking out the awesome vintage goodies at Moore Vintage at Manhattan Vintage Show
With all the great opportunities that continue to come my way and amazing folks that have made their way in my life, I'm on on cloud nine. I'm especially over the moon when I think about all the fabulous vintage clothes I've collected and accumulated over the past year.  All those shopping sprees on Etsy and in vintage and thrift stores have really paid off. I now have a complete vintage fashion collection and possibly enough clothes and accessories to open a boutique. 

I tend to buy items off season especially when they are super special and too fabulous to pass up. That was the case for this denim trench coat from Etsy shop Rebel Closet. When I received it the weather suddenly got too cold to wear it. So I waited for the perfect temperature to rock this really cool denim trench coat. I paired it with my favorite mom jeans from H&M and white button down from Uniqlo. The focus of the outfit was these star earrings! I got them a few weeks ago from Etsy Shop Persephone Vintage which is one of my favorite Etsy shops. I was waiting for the perfect party or event to wear them but I was feeling so great this past weekend and just couldn't wait any longer to wear them. I love these statement earrings and think I turned a few heads while wearing them. I totally have a thing for red shoes and topped this look off with these cute red vegan suede lace up flats from ASOS

Are you reaching for the stars? What are your dreams and goals?

Leigh <3

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