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How to Wear Color

Tips on How to Wear Color

I live in New York City and for some reason black is the most popular color worn here all year long. I've always wondered why. As I confessed in my Color Lover post I used to wear black head to toe all the time. The only bit of color I had was a red t shirt that I had hardly ever wore. I gradually became a color lover about ten years ago while working with Rosie Assoulin. I'll never forget how she wore color so well and inspired me to finally do the same.

Now I'm officially a color lover/addict. I live for bright and vibrant colors and prints like in this fabulous vintage skirt I recently scored from Hamlet's Vintage. I fell in love the mix of stripes and the bright paisley print. I paired it with pink vintage trench coat from Etsy shop Recycling History. It was rainy and cold on this photo shoot and this bright and fun trench kept me dry as it's rain proof and it kept me warm. I'll definitely be bring this coat on my vacation this summer to Peru as it may be rainy and a bit cool.

Here are my tips on how to wear color and incorporate it into your wardrobe!

Start with blue

Navy blue has the look and feeling of black. I transitioned into the color lover I am today by swapping black pieces for navy blue ones. I remember feeling so reluctant to wear color and unsure how to begin but navy blue was the perfect color as it was still dark and I could wear it with my black pieces. It's the easiest color to start to wear especially when you're used to wearing all black. I gradually went for lighter blue colors and shades like cobalt blue.

Pop of color

I remember friends complimenting me on my P.O.C used in outfits. I swear this used to be a hip term for pop of color.  Pops of color was so in style when I began my journey to becoming a color lover.  I used to see pops of bright color with neutral and black outfits everywhere I looked. You can easily add a pop of color with accessories. Try a colored scarf or shoes. Also, don't be afraid to wear a bright blue blouse with black pants or a bright orange top with khakis. A colorful and vibrant print that is mostly black or neutral with hints of color is also a great way to add some color into your outfits.

Wear your best colors

Over the years I've learned what colors and shades/hues work best for me. I used to be fascinated with color theories on what colors work for each person. I applied them for a while but I didn't always feel great in the colors that books and articles said were best for me. I started trying on and buying colors that made me look and feel great when I had them on. I also learned to stay away from hues and colors that made me look  washed out. You'll never see me in certain shades of yellows, greens and pinks as they just don't compliment my skin tone at all. My recent advice to two clients that I style is you know when you're in the right colors when you feel amazing and energized the moment you put them on. You'll have a great glow and get a ton of compliments as people can see how you pop in certain colors. Look out for compliments like "you look great in that color" or "you look energized".

Hope you find these tips helpful! What are your favorite colors to wear??

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