Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Am I the Only Shopaholic?

Addicted to Shopping

Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters
Dress - Prizes for Arla bought at East Village Vintage Collective
Jacket - Etsy Shop Rebel Closet
Shoes - Steve Madden

I'm not sure if I told you already but I'm a shopaholic. I've been shopping 'til I drop since age five. My childhood consisted of weekend malls trips and constant shopping. I consider myself a shopping pro and hopeless shopaholic. My question is am I the only shopaholic? I never really hear people talk much about it. The biggest reference to it that I can remember is from the How I Met Your Mother episode where Lilly had to confess her shopping addiction and reveal her massive credit card debt as a result of over shopping and using retail as therapy (season 3, episode 7). Years ago, I too had a serious shopping addition with vintage clothing. I was obsessed with 50s vintage dresses. I just couldn't stop buying them. My fellow vintage lovers know that when you see a vintage piece you love you have to have it. Other wise you may regret it for years to come. So it's very easy to over buy as the vintage fashion is typically one of a kind.

As I am starting to round up my outfits for my upcoming trip in July. I couldn't help but gasp at the sight of my massive collection of vintage clothing. The sad thing is that I'm not quite done shopping...my current shopping list includes a vintage denim jumpsuit, a vintage southwestern blazer and colorful vintage converse sneakers. I'm praying that my urge to shop and acquire more clothes, shoes and bags will completely go away after I buy these remaining items. If not my poor wallet and overflowed closet are going to need the help of my dear family and friends to hold me back from any future shopping and hoarding of vintage clothes.

I'm not quite feeling blue yet about my shopping obsession. But I was certainly in the mood for blue in these photos. It was cool in the morning when the hubby and I set out but quickly warmed up. I brought along my beloved vintage denim trench coat from Rebel Closet. Sorry for wearing this so much in my posts but it's just so fabulous and I love the super long length and how it moves when I walk. I wore it with one of my favorite vintage dresses from Prizes for Arla that I scored from East Village Vintage Collective. I love how roomy and comfy this dress is (and no, I'm not hiding a baby bump, lol). I was so happy for the warmer weather so I could wear this beauty. It's such an awesome shade of blue. I topped this look off with these super comfortable tan oxfords from Steve Madden, my new shades from Urban Outfitters and vintage red purse that I've had forever. 

Are you a shopaholic too? If so, how bad is your addiction? Please leave a comment below.

Thank you so much for reading!


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