Friday, May 6, 2016

Why you have to check out The Bargain District

The Bargain District

If you're looking for a super affordable and well curated vintage shop, you have to head to The Bargain District! This cozy vintage shop opened in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in February 2016. It features a mix of vintage and new pieces as well jewelry and t-shirts from local designers. You'll instantly fall in love with this bright and very inviting  shop. Each piece is hand selected and very well merchandised in this cute shop by vintage lover and blogger, Monique Sinha. 

Monique has a true eye for fashion and is such a sweet doll. She can help you pick out the best pieces should you need her help. She creates the perfect shopping experience by greeting you with her warm smile and positive vibes with tunes pumping and a lovely candle burning that will surely put you in the best shopping mood. 

You'll love everything in the shop from the stylish dresses, skirts, jeans, tops, shoes, bags and jewelry. Everything is so neatly organized and the racks are filled with the perfect amount of items which makes it so easy to shop. You'll also love how the pieces all seem to go together and tell a very stylish story. It makes it super easy to pick out several complete outfits from this well curated collection. And did I mention the awesome shoes, jewelry and accessories carried in the store that can top off your look?!

Head to The Bargain district ASAP for all your spring and summer fashion needs. It's so easy to pick up an outfit or two, or three here as the prices won't break the bank. The Bargain District is at the top of my list of favorite vintage shops as the prices are super affordable and the shop is perfectly curated with drool worthy fashion pieces. I also love the fact that there is such a variety of fashion and accessories with something for everyone including some clothing for guys. Everything in the store is super wearable, stylish and is in excellent condition. Kudos to Monique for having such excellent eye for fashion and offering her vintage and new finds at very affordable prices!

Here are the details to help you plan your trip to The Bargain District:

Have you been to The Bargain District yet? If not let's head there together or make sure you add it to your list of stores to check out asap! You won't be disappointed.

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