Thursday, June 23, 2016

50's Housewife Style

My 50's Housewife Style

I guess I'm officially a housewife. I've said GOODBYE to my nine to five career and have settled into a lifestyle that feels very much like that of a housewife. I can't tell you how many times I've had moments similar to an I Love Lucy episode. Being a huge fan of I Love Lucy, I proudly run errands and do my house choirs in a head scarf. I even have an apron that I mostly wear when baking. And I can't tell you how happy my husband is when I bake homemade goodies. I haven't baked in ages though. It's so time consuming and tends to get a bit messy, thus the need for the apron. But the hubby has been so loving and supportive through my "housewife transition". I need to dust off my baking equipment and tools and get in the kitchen asap to reward the hubby for being so wonderful.

Words can't express how amazing it feels to be in the happiest place ever in my life. I now have the freedom to focus on all the things that matter in life and the time and flexibility to do a ton of amazing things. I've had time to focus on spending time with family and friends, given up stressful days, work when I want and on my own terms, and can now focus on keeping a somewhat organized apartment. I love that I've had time to finally clean and decorate my office where my vintage collection is kept. It's amazing to have my vintage threads neatly hung up and organized. It's so amazing to be able to see all my vintage pieces in one place. It's also a reminder that I don't need any more clothes and need to wear all the fantastic pieces I have.

I rediscovered this vintage floral 50s dress from my stash of dresses. I adore fashion from the 50s and I'm fascinated with the silhouettes and ultra feminine looks from that era. I'm feeling super feminine these days and look forward to wearing all my 50s style skirts and dresses this summer. I was super excited to wear this 50s dress I scored from Malin Landeaus last summer. I love that vintage shop! Hope you had a chance to check out my Mailin Landeaus shopping post from last fall. Oh, how I love this dress. I love the floral print and the fit is amazing. It's also made of cotton so it's super comfortable to wear on warm days. I love turbans and had to pair this dress with one of my favorite head scarves from Stella Dallas. I love how the colors and pattern in the scarf go so well with the dress. You'll rarely catch me without a pair of sunnies. I love these pink sunglasses from Friends NYC. They are the perfect shade of pink and go with everything.  I'm a huge fan of clutches and wore one of my favorites from Housing Works Thrift Shops. I'm always a bit indecisive when it comes to picking out which shoes to wear with my outfits. I decided to wear these fun, red lace up flats from ASOS over a new pair of nude lace up flats. I'll wear the nude lace ups soon.

Wishing you a very happy summer! Are you in love with 50s fashion too?

Outfit Details: Dress - Malin Landeaus, Head scarf - Stella Dallas, Sunglasses - Friends NYC, Clutch - Housing Works Thrift Shops, Shoes - ASOS

Thanks so much for reading!

Leigh <3

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