Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue: What's Going On With Our Country?

Hat - Hamlet's Vintage
Scarf - Housing Works Thrift Shops
Dress - Etsy Shop High Noon Full Moon
Shoes - Zara (past season)

Sunglasses - Friends 
Earrings - Diament

I'm back to wearing mostly denim again. I bought some of my last purchases for the year since my closet is truly at capacity and it turns out that most of my new pieces are denim. I've been wearing denim like crazy lately. I usually opt for bright prints with vibrant patterns, but not this week. I'm still heart broken over the tragedy in Orlando. Many of us still are. This horrible event is an eye opener as to what our country has become. I'm so angry over gun violence and our other major issues some people seem to have with each other's sexual orientation, race and ethnicity. I'm a lover, not a fighter and love and accept everyone. With all the craziness and violence of the world I feel like I want to never leave the house and so bummed at all that has happened in the news the past few months.

I hope we find a solution for gun violence in this country and a way to love each other and heal from all the hurt of discrimination and hate of all kinds as soon as possible. I just can't take any more news of tragic events or hear much more about discrimination and the hatred of any group of people. I want to go back to living in a world that is working on healing and finding ways to make the future brighter and safer for everyone.

I think I mentioned in previous posts that my outfit reflects my mood. Well, this week I'm feeling a tad bit blue by all the current events and tragedies and don't want to focus too much on what I'm wearing. I just want easy to through on pieces. That's why I love denim so much. It's just so easy to wear and goes with everything. I especially love this 90s grunge jean dress that I recently scored from Etsy shop High Noon Full Moon. I had my eye on this stunning denim dress for months and after having it in my Etsy shopping cart I finally bought it. It's the perfect shade of blue and I love the long length. I've worn it a few times and plan on wearing it all year long. I can totally see it in the spring and summer with sandals and with boots in the fall and winter. 

I didn't want my outfit to be too drab so I wore my gold sandals from Zara and bright tie dye scarf I thrifted from Housing Works Thrift Shops ages ago. It's one of my favorites and I always get compliments on this cheerful scarf. I can't get enough of this vintage hat from Hamlet's Vintage. I've had the hardest time finding a vintage hat like this that fit so well and was over the moon when I found this one. I'll be wearing this one a lot as it goes with everything and is perfect for bad hair days, lol. I've also been wearing these vintage button earrings from Diament a lot lately. I love how they are so simple and go with everything. I definitely want to get more vintage earrings like this. I'm going to try to stop wearing sunglasses in all my posts some day, hehe. But I couldn't help but wear these fabulous pink sunnies from Friends

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Love <3

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