Thursday, August 4, 2016

Birthday Suit

Birthday Jumpsuit

August 4th is my favorite day of the year. Mostly because it's my birthday...hehe. When I was growing up birthdays were a really big deal and were treated more like big and very special holidays. No matter how old I get I can't seem to shake that notion. Every year I tell myself that I'm going to not make such a fuss about my birthday. But I've never been able to have a somewhat quite birthday. 

I planned on wearing a really awesome vintage Lilly Pulitzer dress that I scored from Hamlet's Vintage for my birthday but decided to wear it late on in a few weeks when I celebrate the 1st birthday of Pink Vintage Heart. Pinch me because I can't believe it's already been a year! Instead I just couldn't fight the urge to wear this amazing vintage floral jumpsuit I got from Etsy shop Blue Horizon Vintage. I immediately fell in love with this jumpsuit. I know I swore a few months ago that I was going to stop shopping or at least cut back since I have way too many clothes. But I'm seriously obsessed with vintage jumpsuits. I don't know what it is about jumpsuits that I love so much. Maybe I keep scooping them up because I missed the jumpsuit trend a few years ago. But I just love how sophisticated and fun the look and feel. 

I paired this jumpsuit beauty with an adorable vintage pink bandana from 10ft by Stella Dallas. For shoes I went with an old pair of huaraches from Steve Madden. I topped off this look with pink sunnies from Friends Vintage.
Also sorry if these pics look a little off. It was super windy and a bit humid. Although I'm a little afraid of balloons (don't judge's a real phobia, hehe) I managed to hold onto these pink balloons which almost felt like walking an unruly dog. Lol!

Now I'm off  Philadelphia one of my absolute favorite cities tomorrow in search of some great vintage shopping. I'll keep you updated on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat (@pinkvintagehrt) & Facebook. Stay tuned!

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Outfit details: Jumpsuit - Blue Horizon Vintage |Bandana - 10ft by Stella Dallas | Shoes - Steve Madden | Sunglasses - Friends Vintage

Leigh <3

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