Friday, August 26, 2016

The Ultimate Summer Dress

My Favorite Kind of Summer Dress

I live for summer dresses! As the summer is winding down and the humidity is practically gone I'm back to wearing my beloved over sized and comfy dresses. I've been obsessed with these dresses since last summer when a friend and fellow vintage lover confessed to me that these are the most comfortable and easiest to wear dresses ever. I began my hunt as soon as she gave me this very useful advice. I must have looked at a thousand of them on Etsy. I admired and added quite a few of then to my favorites list. But none were exactly what I wanted. I also wasn't having much luck finding them in vintage shops. 

I then started spotting some amazing ones in the fall that really caught my eye. I scooped up a few keeping in mind that I would have to wait until the summer to wear them. But with this summer's extreme heat and humidity I had to stop wearing them as I couldn't bare to have anything covering my arms even a short sleeve. As soon as the pleasant weather hit this week I immediately sorted out all the neglected skirts and dresses that had been a bit too warm to wear this summer  during the heat wave. I immediately fell in love with all my Mexican and over sized dresses all over again. I'm just a sucker for the baggy, over sized dresses. They are so comfortable and cozy. Although they may make me look preggers, I'll still continue to wear them without a belt. Lol.

Despite the fact that I already have a small pile of these baggy dresses that I'm dying to wear I just had to snatch up this super adorable pink plaid one at Amarcord. I stopped by their monthly happy hour store event and fell in love with this dress along with many others. They have an amazing collection of bright and fun vintage clothes and accessories by the way. You have to check out their newly renovated Williamsburg shop if you haven't already!! I just had to bring this pink beauty home as I'm in love with the color, pattern and especially the baggy fit. I couldn't wait to wear it and paired it with a vintage pink bandana from 10ft by Stella Dallas, a vintage purse and new sunnies from Friends Vintage and vegan suede lace up flats from Charlotte Russe

What's your favorite summer dress to wear??

Outfit details: Dress: Amarcord | Heicherchief: 10ft by Stella Dallas | Purse & Sunglasses: Friends Vintage | Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Thanks so much for reading!!

Leigh <3

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