Friday, September 16, 2016

Denim Jacket Season

Forget sweater weather. It's denim jacket season! How great are denim jackets? I mean, who doesn't love a good denim jacket? I'm just fascinated with the history of denim and blown away at how far it's come. It's a fashion staple that I don't think we could live without. I'm still in love with Glamour Magazine's article on the history of denim jackets from last year. I love how a denim jacket can be worn with just about anything. One of my favorite looks is to wear a denim jacket over a super dressy or formal dress. I always love the juxtaposition of something casual with something super dressy. But like most denim jacket wearers I love how versatile they are and have a special connection to them as I grew up wearing them.

I certainly remember wearing a denim jackets as a kid and all through high school. I wore them every chance I had. Like most folks I would wear my one trusty denim jacket until it literally fell apart. In college I opted for a sophisticated one after the one from high school literally disintegrated. Lol. I parted ways with the sophisticated denim jacket after a few seasons of wearing it. I just didn't love it like the normal, boxy ones I had worn my whole life. I then gave up denim jackets all together and switched to denim shirts. I wore them open like a denim jacket and loved wearing them with skirts and trousers. But I secretly was on the hunt for a new denim jacket, preferably vintage or thrifted. I scored this perfect one at The Bargain District, one of my top favorite vintage shops. I was making my usual rounds to vintage shops in Brooklyn while keeping my eyes open for a friend looking who was looking for a vintage denim jacket as well. 

I loved this jacket the moment I put it on. The fit and wash were just perfect. I sadly left it in the store as I usually need to sleep on new vintage purchases these days since I have so much. But went back for it a short while later and was so relieved that it hadn't been snatched up. It's such a beauty and I apologize in advance as I'll be wearing it all fall. I wore it with my favorite party skirt from InstaShop Hustle Vintage. This skirt is such a show stopper and I love wearing denim jackets with fun, head turner skirts like this. I paired it with a vintage top I just scored from East Village Vintage Collective. For accessories I wore this vintage hat from Hamlet's Vintage which I love and it helped to somewhat hide my extremely frizzy curls. For sunnies I wore my favorite retro ones from Beacon's Closet. I topped off this look with my favorite lace up flats from Steve Madden. I think they're sold out so I shared a link to very similar ones. I have my eye on the gold ones...

Do you have a denim jacket that you wear all the time? What are your feelings on denim jackets?

Outfit details: Denim Jacket - The Bargain District | Top - East Village Vintage Collective | Skirt - Hustle Vintage | Hat - Hamlet's Vintage | Sunglasses - Beacon's Closet| Shoes - Steve Madden

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