Friday, September 9, 2016

Fashion Head Turner

Guys what do you think of my vintage fashion style and the way I dress? I've been blogging for almost a year. Woohoo! And I love how my style has evolved since my first blog post. I'm now starting to think that I'm a head turner with my fun and bright vintage outfits. But lately I've been getting some perhaps non-approving looks from passer by's at what I'm wearing. Here in New York, the land of outrageous and sometimes scandalous fashion I'm a little surprised to get these strange looks at all. Lol. All my fellow vintage lovers know that feeling. I can say that it doesn't feel good when you get that judgmental stare for not having the "modern" look.  For the most part, since I've been blogging and wearing practical only vintage I've gotten mostly gotten stares from people who really dig and admire my fun and retro look. 

I have to admit that I'm almost a tad shaken by the looks of people that don't approve of my sometimes quirky vintage outfits. It even crossed my mind a few times that maybe I should tone down my look. But that would be so unfair to my enormous bright and colorful wardrobe and to my sense of style. Not sure if I shared before but I stopped wearing vintage years ago after a few people told me how "dated" I looked in 1950s dresses. I didn't have the confidence back then to brush off their comments. Luckily I do now! I'll continue to only wear what I love and am in the mood to put on. I really can't ever see myself walking out the door unless I have on an outfit that I truly love and am in the mood to wear. Hope you are the same! 

I totally toned down my look with this retro outfit mixing a few fashion eras. I LOVE this dress from The Bargain District, one of my absolute favorite vintage stores. I eyed it at the Manhattan Vintage Show and just had to bring it home when I saw it was still in the shop a little while after the show. I just adore the silhouette and shape of this dress. And I think the fruit print is so fun and cute! I paired this with one of my favorite vintage hats from Hamlet's Vintage. I'm totally guilty of wearing this hat a millions times. But it's just so cute and goes with everything I have. I'm so sad to have to pack it away until next summer. For accessories I wore this red purse from Housing Works Thrift Shops to add a bit more color to my outfit along with red retro sunglasses from Beacon's Closet. For shoes I wore my trusty lace up sandals from Urban Outfitters. I plan on wearing these until fall officially hits. 

Outfit details: Dress - The Bargain District | Hat - Hamlet's Vintage | Purse -Housing Works Thrift Shops | Sunglasses - Beacon's Closet | Shoes - Urban Outfitters

Thanks so much for reading!! 

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