Friday, September 23, 2016

Pink Vintage Heart Turns 1!

Twelve months ago I posted my first blog post, Summer Lover and officially became a blogger. Woohoo! I had no idea what I was in for by entering the world of blogging. I was hopping that it would be fun and that I would meet some great people. I can happily say that it's been more than fun. It's been fantastic! And I've met some really amazing people along the way. Here's a reflection after a fun and interesting year of blogging:

Lessons Learned

I could probably write a book about all the lessons I've learned since I started blogging. The best lesson I learned was that you have to LOVE the topic you're blogging about. After spending SO much time on all the work that goes into a blog I kept thinking how much I would start to hate it if it wasn't my passion. It would feel more like a chore if I didn't absolutely love it.  

In the very beginning I wasn't 100% sure of what I wanted to blog about. I knew I loved vintage fashion but just wasn't sure how to incorporate it into a blog. Thank goodness I always had a small note pad and pen with me at all times to jot down ideas - I highly recommend this! You would catch me jotting down blog ideas and topics at the most random times like walking, while riding the elevator or on the subway. After going through several notepads and really reflecting on what I absolutely love, I decided to focus on featuring my vintage fashion style and vintage shopping. Sorry, I haven't done any vintage shopping posts lately. But stay tuned for some in the fall!!  

Recently at an event a few people called me a pro at having my picture taken. I think NOT! I used to HATE having my picture taken and still cringe at the thought of the all awful pictures of me posted all over Facebook and the internet. I'm kinda hoping that everyone else doesn't think they are as hideous as I do. Lol! But I've gotten used to "modeling" and have learned so much about posing, lighting and scouting locations for photo shoots. I'm still learning how to pose, be more photogenic in pics and to have fun with it!

Networking & Connections

As a blogger I've learned that networking is key! I've meet some amazing people and friends through blogging. I totally believe in the power of networking. Hope you got to check out my How to Network Like a Rockstar post. I've been so lucky to attend some really fun parties and events where I got to network and meet some amazing folks. As a blogger you have to get out there and mix and mingle. You never know who at a party or event could be a great connection or your new shopping buddy/friend. 

I also am blown away a the power of connections and networking I've done on Social media. I've met so many truly awesome people through Facebook, Linked In and Instagram. I've been able to link up with vintage stores and vintage sellers as well as connect with so many like minded bloggers and vintage enthusiasts. 

What's Next

The one question I've been asked the most is "what's next for me". Well... After talking in depth with my fellow vintage loving friends, I've decided to finally start doing vintage shopping crawls and tours in New York City covering Manhattan and Brooklyn!! I've done a few dry runs with friends and it's so much fun!! The mock vintage shopping crawls I've done so far have made my spirit truly come alive since vintage fashion and shopping are my passions. 

I'm also working on more collaborations with other bloggers, more information driven posts and plan on getting more into vintage styling and personal shopping. So exciting!! Stay tuned!! 

This Dress!

I had a huge party at Beauty Bar last year for the launch of my blog. Check out those pics here. Also, you should totally take a moment to check out and and like my Facebook page! You'll find on there fun vintage fashion pics and articles that I share as well as the chronicle of my personal style and shopping adventures. I got the skirt I wore at my launch party from Hamlet's Vintage. I've been shopping there for about ten years and it's my go to for show stopper dresses and amazing skirts. 

I found this amazing vintage and perfectly pink Lilly Pulitzer dress there and knew it would be perfect to celebrate my one year blog anniversary. I love the color, print and fit of this dress. It's a knock out and I can't wait to wear it again. For once I ditched the shades and wore a smile. Lol! I love how the pics with my favorite photographer, Tom Schaefer came out. After shooting with Tom, I'm inspired to get more sleep so I don't have to hide behind my sunnies. Hehe. I kinda like showing off my retro eyeliner which took me over a year to almost perfect by the way. Hint: scotch tape is my secret...

Thanks so much for reading!! 

Outfit Details: Dress - Hamlet's Vintage
Photos by: Tom Schaefer

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Leigh <3

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