Friday, October 21, 2016

Wardrobe on repeat

Can you believe that on average we only wear 20% of our wardrobe on a regular basis? Wow! Honestly, I think I wear closer to 10% of what I own. I'm so very guilty of having several items from my closet on repeat. I have the habit of wearing the my favorite pieces again and again while neglected so much of my very awesome and well curated vintage wardrobe. I noticed this summer how guilty I am of ignoring so many great pieces while opting for my favorite two or three that I had worn to death all season long. What can I say...I like to wear what I love. Did you see my post Wear What You Love ?

As I returned two ruffle blouses to H&M this week (by the way, thanks guys for your advice via Instagram) I chatted with the cashier about how we both are guilty of buying things and get so wrapped up in wearing our favorite pieces that we sometimes don't even take the new items out of the shopping bag. Sadly that was the case for the lovely two blouses I was returning. I kept meaning to try them on with what I already have to see how they would work. But instead they stayed in the bag until I realized how much I'd rather have the $50 back in my wallet than go through the trouble of incorporating something new into my wardrobe. Sad, right? I hang my head in shame. I'm starting to think that I need some serious help on shopping my own closet. 

I tend to put outfits together and hang them all over my cozy office to prepare and inspire me for future posts and to have looks already picked out in case an event or party comes up. I had been eyeing the outfit I wore in this post for weeks. I try to always showcase a new outfit for you lovelies in each blog post. But I'm obsessed with this vintage denim off the shoulder blouse from Etsy Shop EBV. I just had to bring this super versatile top back into the mix. I paired this off the shoulder beauty with one of my favorite skirts from 10ft Single by Stella Dallas. Not sure if I told you how much I love that store...I adore the hand painted print on this skirt. I wore the shoes that I have on repeat the most - my trusty velvet lace up flats from Steve Madden. They literally go with everything I own and I need to get another pair. I wore these turquoise shades from Beacon's Closet that I need to wear more often because they are so fun. I have a real thing for clutch purses and wore this adorable vintage one I scored from Housing Works Thrift Shops

What are you guilty of wearing over and over?? How much of your wardrobe do you actually wear on a regular basis?

I'm working on a part 2 of this blog post as I want to find a way to wear more of the clothes in my closet. Stay tuned!! 

Thanks so much for reading!! 


Leigh <3

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