Friday, October 28, 2016

Wardrobe Remix

How to Maximize Your Wardrobe

My bestie encouraged/inspired me to write this post on how to remix my wardrobe. After reading the unedited version of last week's post Wardrobe on Repeat over my shoulder she screamed out "now... how are you going to solve this problem?".  So the quest began to figure out what I can start wearing more of what I have in my closet. I read quite a few articles on how to maximize my wardrobe and break my not so great habit of wearing all my favorites on repeat. But to be honest none of the seemed like they would work for me. So with my bestie's help I really reflected on what I can start doing to force me to wear more of my massive and pretty cool wardrobe. Here are a few tips:

Purge away

Are you like me and have the habit of holding onto old clothes from college? I get so sentimental over my clothes. I've shed a tear or two in the past when tossing out t-shirts and sweaters that I sported during college and even high school that I haven't worn in ages. If you haven't worn it in a year or more, you're probably never going to wear it again. This goes for brand new things that never got worn. Over the years I've learned that our fashion style is always evolving and changing. Something you wore or bought three years ago may no longer work with your current look or fashion style. So free up some space in your closet and get rid of what you know you're not going to wear. Thank goodness I've just done this step when I organized my fall clothes. I'm a big fan of doing clothes swaps and donating or selling the things you don't want. It feels so good to let go of unwanted clothes. 


Once you have more free space, go crazy with organizing. This is my favorite part. I live for organizing my closet! It's so easy to "shop" from an organized closet. Thank goodness I have a rather large closet with plenty of room for storage. I've found that it's super important to have things hung up, folded and visible so you can easily see everything and grab them when getting dressed or putting outfits together. The least fun part is to remember to hang things back up and return them to their place after you wear them. I go crazy and can never find a thing when my closet is a mess. Keeping it as organized as possible makes it so easy to shop from. 

Stop shopping 

My bestie has been screaming at me for weeks to stop shopping at stores and to start shopping my own closet. She got a glimpse at how much I have and was amazed that I was aquiring more. What an I say, I'm a hoarder of vintage clothes. Hehe. It helps me so much to really take inventory of what's in my closet each season. I love getting reaquainted with something I haven't worn in months. I especially love finding new ways of wearing what I already have. 

Get Inspired

I'm a huge fan of Pinterest! I could probably pin all day. It's so addicting. I find so many great outfit inspirations on Pinterest. After I haven't worn something for awhile or when I'm thinking of adding something new into the mix I almost always research the look on Pinterest to see how other people wore it. It never fails to disappoint. I'm so old school and am in the process of looking for a way to display an actual pic collage of outfit inspirations on my wall by my closet. I also love finding style inspiration on Instagram.

Outfit Layout

Lately I've gotten into the habit of laying out different looks and outfit options all over my office. It gets me excited to wear them after seeing how great the pieces look together. Lately I've actually worn quite a few of the outfits that I had pre-selected and laid out. This also really pushes me to shop from my closet and wear more of what I already have. I make it a habit to at least once a week go through my closet and pull out pieces that I haven't worn and I have so much fun making outfits. 

I laid out the outfit that I'm wearing in these pics and loved finally wearing it after seeing it draped over my office chair for days. I just scored this outfit from 10ft Single by Stella Dallas last week and it made my bestie so happy to see me wearing a brand new outfit. In the past it would have sat in the shopping bag with the tags still attached for weeks or longer. I also wore this awesome vintage denim trench coat from The Bargain District that I scored in the summer and was so happy to finally wear. I'm a sucker for denim and trench coats.  This coat is the perfect marriage of the two. I wore my trusty velvet lace up flats from Steve Madden. I'll be so depressed if they ever break. I also wore my new favorite shades from Beacon's Closet.  

What are your tips for wearing more of what you have in your closet?

Thanks so much for reading!!


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