Friday, November 11, 2016

The Perfect Denim Dress

My Perfect Denim Dress & Post Election Thoughts

Wow! What a week! At first I was very upset and devastated by the results of the presidential election. But after spending several days on my sofa with feelings similar to that of mourning the loss of a loved one, I'm ready to get back to work. But I encourage you to take all the time you need to go through you feelings and deal with the aftermath of the election. I'm also ready for what's next and prepared to fight for what's right. I have tremendous faith that everything is going to be okay! 

I think now more that ever we need to unite as one and learn how to love and respect one another and most importantly learn from each other. I'm working on amazing things for the blog one of which is featuring travel! I think travel is awesome for so many reasons the biggest being able to learn from different cultures. It's definitely made me the person I am today. Every time I come back from a trip I gain a different perspective and appreciation for other cultures. I've been hit with the travel bug and plan on traveling the world in search of vintage fashion. Stay tuned! My upcoming trip is to Spain, Portugal and Morocco. I can't wait! 

Also I'm extremely grateful for the below links that helped me the past few days:

Now lets talk about fashion!! I'm a huge denim lover. I also love maxi dresses. I crown this 1990's vintage minimalist number from Etsy shop Beatnik's Vintage the perfect denim dress. It's the perfect denim wash, has an amazing long length and the denim weight is so wearable. I also adore the silhouette of this dress. It's so easy to wear! Thanks goodness it wasn't too cold out and I was able to wear this denim beauty with my 1960's cape from Etsy shop Gisela & Zoe. For accessories, I wore my new favorite shades from Beacon's Closet, my only belt which is from Hamlet's Vintage, a bandana as a neck scarf from 10ft Single by Stella Dallas, one of my favorite vintage Dooney & Burke purses from Stella Dallas and boots from Etsy Shop Retro & Me

Thanks so much for reading!! 

Leigh <3

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