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How to vintage shop in New York City

Vintage Shopping In New York City: Pink Vintage Heart™ Shopping Crawls

Star Struck Vintage: Located at 47 Greenwich Ave (between Charles & Perry Streets)

Stella Dallas Vintage: Located at 218 Thompson St between Bleeker & West 3rd Streets)
Instagram: @stella_dallas_nyc

Hamlet's Vintage: Located at 146 West 4th St (between 6th ave & MacDougal St)
Instagram: @hamletsvintage

Maison Jadis: Located at 107 Crosby St (between Prince & Jersey Streets)
Instagram: @maisonjadis

East Village Vintage Collective: Located at 545 East 12th St (between Ave A & Ave B)
Instagram: @evvintagecollective

I wonder how many vintage stores there are in New York City?? There has to be hundreds and I feel like new ones keep popping up (yay!). It's very safe to say that New York City is a vintage lover's paradise. I've been shopping vintage stores in NYC for the past ten years. I have to admit that it can be a bit overwhelming to navigate through all of them whether just browsing or looking for something in particular. That's essentially why I started the Pink Vintage Heart™ Shopping Crawls where several vintage stores in different neighborhoods all over the city are shopped. The first official vintage shopping crawl was held this past weekend and it was such a blast!! Here's why you need to join the next Pink Vintage Heart™ Shopping Crawl and see how I vintage shop in New York City!

Why I Started the Vintage Shopping Crawls?

So many people have asked why I started the shopping crawls. I started because of my love for vintage and I felt like there was a huge need. I can't tell you how much I love vintage fashion! I've been obsessed with it, wearing it and shopping for it for over ten years. I've hand written, texted, emailed and direct messaged lists of vintage shops to vintage lovers and enthusiasts who've asked me for my favorite vintage spots at least a thousand times. So many people have reached out to me asking where the best vintage places are to shop or to find very specific vintage pieces. I always feel so honored and more than happy to help them discover new shops and find the specific vintage pieces they're seeking. The shopping crawls are an amazing way to introduce vintage and fashion lovers to some of the best and coolest vintage shops in New York City. And they're so much fun!

The 1st Official Pink Vintage Heart™ Shopping Crawl

Another question I get often is how many crawls have I done. It feels like I've done close to a hundred with groups of friends, fellow bloggers and tourists. But they were extremely informal and the perfect practice for when I officially launched the crawls. The first official Pink Vintage Heart™  Shopping Crawl was last weekend. And boy, was it fun!! I like to keep the groups as small as possible so we can really connect and get to know each other. We scored some amazing vintage goodies from all the shops. For me, I saw some out of this world coats, handbags and accessories. As I have too many clothes, outerwear and accessories really caught my eye. Also, I like to think that I'm a pretty awesome shopping buddy. I thoroughly enjoyed shopping with the fabulous ladies on the crawl and giving my vintage fashion advice and styling tips. It was also so great being greeting by the amazing shop owners who gave the group amazing discounts and one even had champagne for us to sip while we shopped.

Why Attend the Vintage Shopping Crawl?

The shopping crawls are great for anyone who loves fashion especially vintage fashion, is looking to discover vintage shops in New York City, learn how to shop for vintage fashion in general, and looking to learn how to navigate through all the vintage shops the New York City has to offer. The crawls cover a variety of vintage stores from high end to super affordable as well as different kinds of vintage shops from cozy shops with personalized attention from the owner or sales staff to slightly larger stores where you can shop totally on your own. 

How to Join a Pink Vintage Heart™ Shopping Crawl?

Want to join in on the next Pink Vintage Heart™ Shopping Crawl? Just email me at to RSVP or for more information. I'll put up a section on the blog very soon that lists all the information for the crawls and an easier place to RSVP and make payments to secure your spot. The next crawl dates are:

  • Dec 17, 
  • Jan 7th
  • Jan 21
  • Jan 28

Thanks so much for reading!! Spread the word about the shopping crawls and hope to see you on the next crawl!

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