Friday, December 2, 2016

What to Wear??

What to Wear? Outerwear Decisions...

These days I'm rarely indecisive about what to wear. Since my Wardrobe Remix post I've been so good at giving new pieces a chance and wearing them as soon as I get them. My hubby must think my office is a mess with clothes all over the furniture and floor. But it's actually a somewhat organized way of laying out outfits and ultimately wear more items in my massive collection of vintage clothes. It's so great to see already selected outfits. It certainly helps me get dressed and ready much faster. 

But I was completely unsure when it came to selecting the outerwear for this look. I have a very packed coat closet and have been told not to bring any more coats home. So please don't tell my hubby that I have two new ones to add to the mix. Hehe. I'm so into matching my jacket or coat to the outfit that I'm wearing. That's probably why I have so many. For this outfit I envisioned wearing one of my awesome vintage trench coats. But while digging in my closet for one, I rediscovered this epic southwestern jacket I got right before my trip to Peru this past summer. 

My look already had some southwestern vibes and it felt so perfect to wear this vibrant 1970's jacket from Etsy shop Ours Is Yours. As I confessed in my Southwestern Obsession post, I love anything with a southwestern print. I fell in love with this jacket because of the pattern and awesome colors. I'm so into wearing jeans and blouses these days. I scored this vintage blouse from Etsy shop Vonlenska Vintage. The jeans and scarf are amazing finds from one of my top favorite vintage shops, East Village Vintage Collective. The hat is my favorite and is from Hamlet's Vintage. The boots are from ASOS. And I'm seriously obsessed with these sunnies from Beacon's Closet. I need to head back there and grab a few more pairs. 

How do you decide what to wear, especially what jacket or coat to wear?? I need help because it slows me down every time. 

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