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Why You Have to Check Out Davis Tisdale Vintage

Vintage Etsy Shop: Davis Tisdale

I'm obsessed with shopping on Etsy! How about you? Most of my wardrobe is from Etsy and I love discovering new shops. I was over the moon about meeting Elizabeth, owner of vintage Etsy shop, Davis Tisdale and couldn't wait to check out her vintage collection and inventory for her shop. I promise to do more posts like this. It's always so awesome meeting the Etsy sellers in person and they are always such amazing people with really inspiring stories to tell.

That was completely the case with meeting Elizabeth of Davis Tisdale. She's the sweetest vintage loving doll ever! We literally chatted for hours mostly about my favorite subject, vintage fashion. Hehe. We met in her gorgeous Brooklyn apartment where her vintages pieces are kept and my photographer/husband and I snacked on super tasty treats she had just got for us from an amazing coffee shop nearby. I got to know her like I've never really done before with an Etsy shop owner. I emailed her a list questions after we met...just to make sure that I got the interview questions correct, lol. Check them out below. 

But also make sure you check out her Etsy shop, Davis Tisdale! And save 25% off your purchase in her awesome shop with code PINKHEART25. But hurry the savings only last until the end of this month. Happy shopping!! Also, check her out on Instagram and give her a follow!

When did you start your Etsy shop & what prompted you to start it?

I started Davis Tisdale Vintage in August of 2012.  As an avid vintage lover, I had built up a collection over the years; the vintage finds in New York are never ending. Through work trips and personal travels, I was lucky to explore vintage markets and shops in amazing cities (Paris, France - Melbourne, Australia - Wellington, New Zealand - Austin, TX) that further fed this adoration of vintage.   For me, it's all about the thrill of the hunt.  I wanted to share these finds and curate a space for them.

In the Fall of 2012, my husband and I decided to quit our jobs and move to LA.  I had recently started my Etsy shop, so we packed my vintage collection to ship out orders along the way.  Over our six week road trip, I somehow convinced him to stop in every city with promised vintage along the way (New Orleans, Louisiana - Nashville, TN - all over TX - Tulsa, OK - Santa Fe, NM to name a few!).  We turned up to LA with a car packed full of vintage, looking like the Beverly Hillbillies! 

How did you come up with your shop name? story behind the shop name

Both Davis and Tisdale are family names, the maiden names of each of my grandmother's, who were both strong, kind women.  Each different, they both taught me invaluable lessons about life and family.  Just as a family appreciates its history and heritage, the aim of this line is to create this same appreciation of the pieces offered – each telling a different story and carrying a part of their previous life.

How would you describe your vintage collection?

Alongside my vintage shop, I also work in the contemporary wholesale women's market.  Having consistent insight into upcoming seasonal designer trend forecasts, my vision for Davis Tisdale Vintage is modernized styling on vintage items to reflect upcoming season's current fashion and to touch on key trends.

What's your favorite item currently available in your shop? 

My favorite item of the moment is this beaded embellished jacket. The detailed hand work of beading and embroidery that went into this is incredible.  I like a more relaxed look so I would style it with jeans, stilettos, and a white tee.  But it could equally be worn more formally.  To me, it strikes the perfect balance of a special vintage piece.

What's your advice to ladies looking to buy vintage on Etsy for the first time that may be hesitant to shop that route? 

Etsy is a great marketplace with so many amazing shop owners and products.  So many in fact that it can be a tad overwhelming.  My advice would be to have an idea of what you are looking for to help narrow down your search.  Searching specific decades or items i.e. "70s sweater" or "velvet dress" are a great way to narrow the assortment into something best suited for your style.

Thanks so much for reading!!


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