Friday, February 3, 2017

Color Obsessed


Sorry if I asked already, but how many days do we have until it's spring?? I'm so ready for the warmer weather! I've managed to somewhat enjoy the winter so far. There have been some pretty brutally cold days here in New York City. And I can't tell you what a cold and dreary place NYC can be in the winter. But I don't have the winter blues. I have too many amazing and bright coats to brighten up my days. I rejoice every time I see someone wearing a non black coat. I practically swooned over a girl wearing a bright cobalt blue coat the other day. The bright and vibrant coat, which I assumed was vintage, gave me so much life. 

I think I mentioned last winter how I kind of enjoy sticking out in a sea of all black coats when riding the subway or walking the busy streets of New York City. I'm always so grateful when someone compliments me on one of my colorful coats. If they only knew how many I had hanging in my coat closet which is currently at capacity. It's a shame that I have my eye on a bright green Bill Blass coat at Hamlet's Vintage which just might have to squeeze into the my coat collection somehow. Hehe. What can I say, I'm completely color obsessed! Color makes me smile and gives me so much life. 

Pink has to be one of my favorite colors. Thus my blog name. Lol! I'll never forget the excitement when I first saw this over sized bright pink 1980's parka from Ochre and Bone. It's such a awesome color and is so fun. I just love the shiloutte and shape of this coat. I'm so into wearing jeans and a t-shirt these days and wore it with my favorite mom jeans from East Village Vintage Collective and a cropped t-shirt from H&M. Check out all my outfit details below! 

Hat - The Bargain District | Coat - Ochre and Bone | Sunglasses - Friends NYC | T-shirt - H&M | Jeans - East Village Vintage Collective  | Shoes - ASOS | Purse - Housing Works Thrift Shops

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Leigh <3

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