Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hello Spring

So Happy for Spring Fashion!

A friend of mine who grew up on a farm once told me how city folks and country folks welcome the change of seasons a little differently. While my nature loving friend celebrated the change of seasons by admiring the changes in nature and the animals around him, us city dwellers knew it was a season change by our change of wardrobe for each season. I thought of this conversation just the other day as I started to get so excited for spring. I'm a New York City girl who happens to be a nature lover as well. But I am totally guilty of making such a fuss about the change of seasons mostly because I get to switch up my wardrobe for the new season.

But spring is such a fabulous season, especially in New York City since we tend to endure such cold and not so pleasant winters. In my opinion spring deserves a major celebration mostly because we can start to wear our cute flower dresses and skirts. I'm so over the cold and snow. I live for the days I can go sock fee again. Hehe. 

I'm still on my pink color kick and just had to wear this Perfect Pink coat  just one more time. It was actually warm enough during this photo shoot that I didn't really need a coat. But I just couldn't resist wearing it. As I proclaimed on Instagram, wearing denim on denim is my jam. Wearing denim anything is always my go to. I'm so terribly obsessed with denim. I scored these mom jeans from vintage Etsy shop Adie HollyThe vintage Levis shirt was thrifted from my favorite thrift shops ever, Housing Works Thrift Shops. Check out all my outfit details below! 

Coat - Down House | Jeans - Adie Holly | Shirt - Housing Works Thrift Shops | Belt - Hamlet's Vintage | Sunglasses - Beacon's Closet | Shoes -  Aldo

Happy spring and thanks so much for reading!! Feel free to drop me a line below to let me know what you thought!

Leigh <3

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