Saturday, April 15, 2017

All Wrapped Up

I have a thing with head scarves

Lately I've been so wrapped up in too many different things. I've been sporting vintage headscarves like nobody's business. Lol. I've been the head scarf queen mostly because I've been too busy to give my precious curls the much needed TLC that they deserve. So I've been keeping them under wraps, head wraps that is, for the longest. But don't worry they aren't totally neglected. I put in a very nourishing homemade conditioner concoction in that's been keeping my lovely curls very happy.

Anywho...I've been obsessed with wearing head scarves since around 2012. I can't remember if they were a trend or the really cool thing to wear. But a few friends and I were wearing them like crazy. Or at least trying to, lol. We didn't know how to quite tie them and keep them secure on our heads. I eventually got a lesson on how to tie them from a good friend that learned from her grandmother. I further perfected my head scarf skills after tons of practice with help fro the internet. I really loved Vixen Vintage's tutorial

Oh, how I love the look of a headscarf. I love 1940s and 50s fashion. I just love how women wore head scarves while during chores during the day and also would totally glam them up with a cocktail dress in the evening. I've been known to collect and hoard vintage and thrifted scarves for ages. I think I finally have enough. I have them in so many prints and colors. Surprisingly I don't have any in a solid. But I love mixing a fun, printed head scarf with the prints in my cool vintage skirts and dresses. I mostly wear headscarves to make a bad hair day a much better one. You'll especially find me wearing head scarves when I'm in the midst of my long hair deep conditioning process. By the way, let me know if you want to know about my curly hair wash and deep conditioning routine. My at home remedies beauty and hair regimes are retro just like my wardrobe.

Want to know where I scored this vintage head scarf? Check out my outfit details below!

Outfit details: Head scarf & purse - Stella Dallas | Blouse - Darling Vintage | Jacket - Housing Works Thrift Shops | Jeans - East Village Vintage Collective| Shoes - Steve Madden | Sunglasses - Beacon's Closet | Belt - Hamlet's Vintage

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Leigh <3

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