Friday, April 21, 2017

Cropped Wide Leg Jeans

I'm happy to announce that I'm officially over skinny jeans. The skinny jean trend has been going strong since like 2007. I remember buying them and feeling so strange in such tight jeans. I'll never forget a male coworker telling me how he wore super tight jeans in the 1970s but had to go comando as they were too tight. Lol! I'll always love how amazing skinny jeans look with an over sized top. It's one of my favorite looks and silhouettes ever. But now I'm getting used to wide legs jeans and I kinda like it. Lately I've been rejoicing every time I see someone wearing wide leg cropped jeans. They just look so good and fresh to me. I especially love them when they are frayed at the edges. They are just the perfect jeans for spring!

I got super lucky and scored these vintage cropped jeans from The Bargain District in February. I'll never forget laying my eyes on these cropped wide leg jeans. They were in the perfect wash and length. I had them on my shopping list for weeks but wasn't having any luck seeing them on any of my many shopping adventures. I can't tell you how much I LOVE The Bargain District by the way. Did you see my shopping post about The Bargain District?? I always find such amazing goodies there. I happily bought these amazing cropped jeans home and started to countdown the days until warmer weather so I could wear them.

So the weather finally got nice and I immediately grabbed them and paired them with my new vintage button down from Etsy shop Magpie & Otis. I got this shirt to wear on my trip to Europe this summer and I also have an addiction to white button down shirts. There's just something about white button downs that I just can't get enough of. I think it's because they go with everything. I wore one of my favorite jean jackets that I scored from Hamlet's Vintage. I love this oversized denim jacket. I could seriously wear it everyday and it's the perfect season for it! I am in desperate need of new hats and wore my one and only non straw hat also scored from Hamlet's Vintage. I finally found a pair of vintage high top Converse. I kept stalking 10ft Single by Stella Dallas and finally lucked upon a pair. For accessories I wore my favorite clutch bag thrifted from Housing Works. The sunnies are from Beacon's Closet and I need more pairs asap since I keep wearing these to death.

Outfit details: Hat & Jean Jacket - Hamlet's Vintage | Shirt - Magpie & Otis | Jeans - The Bargain District | Sunglasses - Beacon's Closet | Shoes - 10ft Single by Stella Dallas | Purse - Housing Works

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