Friday, April 7, 2017

Jeans with a dress? Yes, please!

Why I Wear jeans with a dress

I’ve been obsessed with wearing jeans under dresses for the longest. I remember wearing denim under dresses with my vintage 1950s dresses ages ago when I first started wearing vintage. It became my signature style and it's now one of my favorite looks. It's my go to outfit and look especially in the fall and winter. But why do I love to wear this look so much? Find out why below:

I LOVE the Look

I love the edgy and cool look of denim with dresses. There's just something about this silhouette that speaks to me. It's definitely a different look and you know me, I love to push the envelope when it comes to fashion just a bit. I'm a HUGE fan of denim and I also love dresses. This look is the perfect marriage of two things I absolutely love to wear. No matter if it's a tapered mom jean or wide leg, I'm all for any jeans paired well with the perfect dress. 

I HATE Wearing Tights & Stockings

Okay, so I have a few secrets. One of the biggest is that although I love dresses and skirts, I HATE and flat out refuse to wear them with tights, stockings or any other type of hoisery. That's why you'll always catch me in cold weather months wearing jeans under dresses. I've caught quite a bit of flack from friends and family over the years for "hiding" my legs when wearing jeans under a dress. I just hate how I feel when wearing tights or stockings. I'm a tomboy at heart and wearing jeans with dresses keeps me from feeling over the top girly (to my standards, that is). Lol. Also, the fact that I had to wear tights as a kid with my school uniform all through grade school may have something to do with my lack of interest in wearing them now.

The strange thing is that I’m a huge admirer of tights, fishnets and patterned stockings. This past fall I loved seeing how other bloggers wore fun colored and patterned tights with their dresses and skirts. But I feel so amazing when wearing jeans with dresses. And I was literally drooling when I saw the fishnets under ripped jeans trend all over the place. What a fabulous grunge look that I probably should have tried. But I had to let this trend pass me by because I didn’t really have any cool fishnets to wear. Sigh.

Have you ever worn jeans with a dress?? If not, do you plan on giving it a try?? Please tag me in your social media pics if you do!! I'm @pinkvintagehrt

Outfit details: Dress - 10ft Single by Stella Dallas| Coat & Purse - Housing Works Thrift Shops | Sunglasses - Beacon's Closet | Shoes - ASOS | Hat - Hamlet's Vintage

Thanks so much for reading!!

Leigh <3

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