Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sneaker Obsessed

Omg! I've been buying sneakers like crazy lately. I'm beyond in love with sneakers these days. Is it me or are sneakers really having a moment right now? I used to be so into flats but now I completely pass them by in shoes stores and head straight to the sneaker section. Sneakers are too cute these days. And most importantly they are comfy.

I started getting into sneakers last summer when I was looking for the perfect pair for vacation. I tend to prefer vintage everything but I usually opt for new sneakers since they're not worn out like vintage ones tend to be. I have to say that Converse are my top favs. I've become a regular at 10ft Single by Stella Dallas and the staff knows I come there mostly looking for one thing: dead stock Converse. They have the best selection of them ever! I'm up to about five pairs of Converse but secretly want a pairs in mint green and in hot pink. 

There's nothing like a cute, fashionable sneaker because you can literally wear them with anything. I love wearing them with dresses and skirts. I just love the juxtaposition of a pretty skirt with a pair of cool sneakers. These yellow dead stock/never worn high top Converse from 10ft Single by Stella Dallas were the best score ever. I was looking for a fun, bright pair and these were it. I envisioned wearing them on my upcoming trip this summer to Spain and Morocco with some very bright and fun dresses. Am I the only one that goes nuts with planning outfits for vacation even if it's months or weeks away?? Hehe. I might snag another pair since I plan on wearing these a while bunch. I just can't get over the fun color!

Want to know where the rest of my outfit is from?? Check out my outfit details below!!

Thanks so much for reading!!

Leigh <3

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