Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Vintage Shopping in Philadelphia: My Top 3

3 Awesome Places to Shop for Vintage in Philadelphia

I adore Philadelphia! I love history, good food and vintage shopping. Philly is one of those cities that fulfills all the things I look for when traveling. I've been going to Philly since I was a teenager and have totally done all the touristy things. Now when I visit I want to go where the locals eat and hang out. I also want to shop like a local. 

When I first starting blogging my Philly trips were like scavenger hunts when it came to finding vintage stores. I was told there was some really awesome vintage shopping in Philadelphia but where were the stores? I read every article on vintage shopping in Philly that I had Googled but when I showed up to most of the stores they had moved or closed down forever. 
After a few frustrating hours of not finding any vintage shops I finally discovered one and then two others nearby. I love it when vintage stores are close to each other. Don't you?? Check out my favorite three places to vintage shop in Philadelphia below. I'll explore more vintage shops on my next trip to Philly!! 

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