Wednesday, August 9, 2017

5 Things that I Love about Barcelona

Visiting Barcelona

I'm finally back from a truly amazing trip!
My jet lag is practically gone and I've pretty much gone through all my travel photos. Stay tuned to the blog and my Instagram feed as I'll be sharing recaps and photos from my travels and vintage shopping adventures in several posts. Barcelona was my first stop and I'm officially hooked on this city!! Here's why:

The Food

Any place I visit has to have tasty vegetarian food and Barcelona did not disappoint! I've been eating Spanish tapas in New York City for the longest, so the menus in Barcelona were no surprise. I ate my weight in papas bravas and tried some other super yummy and not so traditional Spanish tapas. My favorite tapas bar in Barcelona was Bar Castells. Their papas bravas were my favorite and their red sangria was to die for! My mouth is watering just thinking about this place.

Easy on the Wallet

I'm super frugal especially when it comes to travel. I'm happy to report that Barcelona was super affordable, compared to New York City that is. I found myself constantly comparing the prices of the metro, food and drinks to New York City and was always amazed at how much cheaper everything was. For example a glass of red sangria was 2.90 euros compared to about $10 in my favorite restaurants and bars in New York City. 

So Easy to Navigate

While in Barcelona I rode the metro and buses the most that I ever have while traveling abroad. Why? Because metro stations and bus stops are everywhere and are super easy to navigate in Barcelona. I actually didn't end up taking a cab once. I also give Barcelona two thumbs up on being a super easy city to walk around and explore. That's so important to me as I love to walk and wander around exploring a new city. I walked to destinations that were pretty close by and hopped on the metro and buses for places that were a bit far away and when I was all walked out for the day. 

Amazing City Vibe

I'm definitely a city girl and just love the energy of a city. I fell in love with Barcelona's amazing energy and city vibes. I loved that there was always something to do and always amazing food and drinks around every corner. Due to tight timing, I had to miss quite a few major attractions and sights. But I'll definitely be heading back to Barcelona the next chance I get! I already have an itinerary written down for my next trip with all the things that I missed. 

Incredible Vintage Shopping

I had been told that there was really good vintage shopping in Barcelona but I had no idea just how awesome it really was. I stumbled across some fabulous vintage shops that were all conveniently located near each other and pretty affordable. I found so many drool worthy dresses, purses, scarves and jewelry. If my luggage wasn't already at capacity I would have came back with a ton of sweet vintage finds. Sigh. I will definitely be buying a ton of vintage on my next trip to Barcelona. Stay tuned to the blog for my Barcelona vintage shopping recap!

Are you in love with Barcelona as much as I am? What do you love about the city? Also, what's your favorite city to visit?? I'm trying to figure out where to travel to next!!

Outfit details: Blouse - Disco Leaf | Skirt - Hamlet's Vintage | Purse - The Bargain District | Sunglasses - Beacon's Closet

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