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My First Busy New York Fashion Week

NYFW Day 4 Outfit:
T-shirt, jean jacket
& skirt - Hamlet's Vintage
Sunglasses - Friends NYC Vintage
Outfit photos by Kathryn Zahorak  @ktzahorak

How I Got Into New York Fashion Week 

Whew! New York Fashion Week was an absolute blast! It was super busy and a ton of fun at the same time. I totally took on too much and wore myself ragged. I had to take a bit of a break from blogging just to slow down and catch my breath. I still haven't had time to unpack my goody bags from the shows and events. But I'm happy to be back and want to tell you all about my fabulous experience at my first busy New York Fashion Week!

I can't tell you how honored and blessed I felt to have experienced such a busy New York Fashion Week. I received invites to and attending a ton of fabulous fashion week shows, presentations, and events. It wasn't my first time attending New York Fashion Week. But it was my first super busy one. Once upon a time, I worked in the very glamorous fashion industry where attending shows was more of a work commitment or an extra perk if it included my name being on the list for after parties. Lol.

How did I get into NYFW, did you ask? Well, it wasn't the easiest. I still have tons of friends and contacts in the fashion industry but feel so weird asking for invites to New York Fashion Week parties and fashion shows. So I went about it the long, hard way which included a lot of research and emailing which was a bit different for me since I was so spoiled and used to being sent invites for shows. 

After skipping fashion week in February '17, I was very eager to attend New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018. 
I began by Googling how to get into NYFW. After not really finding direct resources, I followed the advice of Poor Little It Girl. But here's how I got into New York Fashion Week:

1) Studied the NYFW Calendar

In mid August I went through the New York fashion week calendar and singled out the shows and events that my schedule would allow me to attend if I got invited.

2) Reached Out Directly to Designers

I then contacted each designer by e-mail using the contact info on their "contact me" page and Googled any that didn't have a way of contacting them on their website.

3) Kept it Short & Simple

I kept my e-mails super short and to the point. I simply told them that I'm a fashion blogger wanting to attend their show and asked if they could kindly add me to their guest list. I, of course, made sure to include a link to my blog and my social media handles. I started getting a few "sorry we can't accommodate your request" and most didn't reply. 

4) Contacted PR Agencies

I then changed my approach and reached out to PR agencies. After being out of the fashion industry for so long, I remember that most designers big and small have PR agencies covering their shows and events. I hit gold when I reached out to a few PR agencies. After cleaning out my very full e-mail box, I began to notice a surge of invites to New York Fashion Week shows and events. My inbox was overflowing with invites from late August to early September. And those are my secrets and tips for getting into NYFW. 

Recap of (Some of) the Shows I Saw

I attended about fifteen shows and fashion week events. I took a ton of photos of everything and shared most of them via Instastories that are sadly long gone. But below are some of my favorite shows and presentations during NYFW:

Greta Constantine 

Omg! This was quite possibly my favorite collection for spring/summer '17! I loved all the color, shimmer and glam of this collection. The silhouettes and textures were just divine and so wearable. This was my first presentation during NYFW spring/summer '17 and was certainly fabulous and unforgettable.  

Francesca Liberatore

I LOVED every piece of this collection. It had such a retro vibe and feel which is right up my alley. The colors and prints were so pretty and I loved how the collection all came together so perfectly. The accessories, hair, and makeup were just perfection in my eyes. 

Nancy Tran

I was most excited to attend this presentation. Nancy Tran is an up and coming designer with absolutely amazing pieces with such amazing attention to detail. The colors were bright and feminine and super fun. I feel in love with each piece and the beautiful patterns and motifs on the dresses. I can't wait to see more from this designer in years to come!

NYFW Tips (What I learned/Take Aways)

Comfy Shoes are a Must

If you're attending multiple shows each day like I did I highly recommend that you wear comfy shoes or bring a change of shoes. I wore flats and sneakers on days when my feet needed a break from my stylish but uncomfy flats. I'm not a heels girl at all but if I were, I totally would have brought along a pair of sneakers to change into when I was running around from show to show. There's a lot of standing involved and a ton of moving from show to show. It can take a toll on the feet, trust me. 

Fashion Inspiration Overload

Be Prepared for the overwhelming amount of fashion inspiration at fashion week. I went nuts over the amazing fashion and style inspo that I saw on the streets while waiting in line to get into shows and on the runways. I plan on taking photos of all my fashion inspiration next fashion week because it was so utterly fantastic. 

Don't take on too much/take it easy

It's so important to give yourself enough time between shows to make sure you can get to the next show to get seated before it starts. It's also important to not take on too many shows per day and to schedule a break in between where you can gather all your thoughts about the shows you just saw. Like most folks, I literally ran from one show to the next while most venues weren't near each other. I had never jetted all over the city so much in my life. It was fun and exciting. But next time I'll definitely attend fewer shows each day and give myself a much-needed break and rest in between. 

Stay hydrated & make sure to eat

I was totally and completely exhausting toward the end of fashion week. I was a total zombie from lack of sleep, hardly eating and not having enough water. While having so much fun and running on pure adrenaline from the rush of the shows, I neglected sleep, eating and drinking enough water. Again, I'll attend fewer shows next time and make sure to schedule a break in between for lunch. I did learn on day two of fashion week that carrying a bottle of water is super important.

Love the blogger community

I'm so lucky that I had a large stack of business cards for fashion week. I connected and networked with so many fellow fashion bloggers and some awesome photographers as well. As New York Fashion Week fell close to my two-year blogging anniversary it made me fall even more in love with blogging, my blogging journey and the fantastic and supportive blogging community. 

Thanks so much for reading!! Have you ever been to New York Fashion Week? What's your favorite part of it??


Leigh <3

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