Monday, November 13, 2017

Back of my Closet

Jumping On the Overalls Trend

Guys! Guess what?? I literally pulled this outfit out of the back of my closet. I have an addiction to collecting and sometimes seen as hoarding vintage clothing. I honestly have so many clothes that each season it seems almost impossible to wear them all. And sometimes I get new pieces and never get to wear them at all. They just sit neglected at the back of my closet. Do you have clothes in your closet that you've never worn? That's actually been the story of my life for the longest. I'm beginning to think that I'm a shopaholic. Lol. But every since my Wardrobe Remix post, I've been on a mission to wear everything in my closet. This past summer I almost won the battle and wore practically everything from my warm weather wardrobe that had been neglected since I got it. I'm determined to do the same for my very large fall/winter wardrobe. 

I've actually worn these cool jean overalls from Adie Holly and blouse from Hamlet's Vintage a few times before. But I've never worn them on the blog or on Instagram for you babes to see. I fell in love with these overalls last year on Etsy. I loved that they didn't look like traditional overalls I'd been seeing all over the place. They're so comfy and I love all the pockets and wide leg on them. I'll be wearing them a lot more especially since I've been seeing overalls everywhere. I love feeling trendy and cool whenever I can. Hehe. 

Last fall I wanted to jump on the Victorian blouse trend that was going on at the time and scored this blouse. I'm more of a plain white button down shirt type of girl. So I wasn't too sure how to wear it. I've worn it a handful of times with mom jeans but was super inspired recently by an Instagram or Pinterest pic that I had seen with wearing one with overalls. I just had to try it! And what do you think of these fun shoes that I scored from ASOS?? I'm so in love with them. They actually go with so many outfits. Brace yourselves because you'll likely be seeing me wear them a lot.

Thanks so much for reading!!! 

Outfit details: Coat - Noir Ohio |Hat - 10ft Single by Stella Dallas | Sunglasses - ALDO | Shirt - Hamlet's Vintage | Overalls - Adie Holly| Shoes - ASOS

Leigh <3

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