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Happy 2018!!

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Looking back at 2017

Happy New Year!! Are you as excited for 2018 as I am?? I hope so! I started getting super pumped about 2018 around Christmas, thus my 
New Year's Eve Glam post. I think I mentioned in that post how much I LOVE celebrating the New Year. It's such an amazing chance for a fresh start and to do and become all the things we desire. I'm the super reflective type in general and am always looking for ways to grow and to be the best me that I can be. As I finalize my list of all the things I'm going to accomplish in 2018 (yes, I'm that optimistic because you just have to be :)), I just had to do a recap of 2017. It was possibly my best year yet filled with some amazing collabs, fabulous connections and, awesome adventures! Check out my highlights of 2017 below!  


Traveling ignites my soul!! I've been hit with the travel bug and nothing other than shopping excites me more than chatting about travel or planning a trip. I typically go on one big trip in July and live for that day each year when I board the plane to begin my adventures. In 2017 I explored Europe for the first time. I went to Barcelona, Lisbon, Madrid, and Marrakech. Stay tuned shortly for my Marrakech post. My trip was definitely the highlight of my year as I fell in love with Lisbon and Barcelona so much so that I've already booked a trip to head back there this July. Yay! I can't wait to eat and shop my way through these cities again!! 

Fashion Week

Ah, after my fabulous travels and taking in so many amazing sights and adventures, I had the awesome experience of taking in possibly too much fantastic fashion and style inspo at New York fashion week. After years of sitting out fashion week, it felt amazing to be back in the swing of things. I got introduced to some awesome designers, saw some fab runway shows and met some amazing blogger babes. Being back in the fashion industry and surrounded by so many awesome blogger friends feels so great!

Found My Style

And after all of the amazing fashion inspo from fashion week, I began to step outside of my box and get even crazier with my personal style. I started putting together outfits that mixed pieces that I would have never worn before. I bought trendy boots and shoes that worked so well with my vintage clothes. I no longer doubted wearing something that felt maybe a bit over the top. I learned to walk out of the house with the utmost confidence every single day and to take pride in what I'm wearing and it feels so incredibly amazing! 


There were times in 2017 where I was working on several collaborations at once. I loved every minute of it and I'm looking forward to more collabs in 2018!! I'm already working on several at the moment. I am so honored to have worked with Rockin Post, Timex, Truly Deer, Smock Walker Vintage, More Lisbon Walking Tours, Shop Baby Bird, and so many more in 2017!

Looking back at your 2017, what were your highlights and best moments?? Thanks so much for reading mine!


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