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What I did and wore in Marrakech, Morocco

My Trip to Marrakech, Morocco

It's been so bitterly cold in New York City lately that I've stopped checking to see what the weather will be each day. I just wear a ton of layers and hope to stay warm all day. All I can say is that I really miss summer weather. I LIVE for the summer! It's my favorite time of year because I get to take off and travel with the hubby. This past summer we visited Morocco for the first time. And what an adventure it was! In my last post, Happy 2018, I mentioned how my summer trip had been one of the biggest highlights of my 2017. Check out my travel recap of Marrakech!

Where I Stayed

When in Marrakech, you have to stay in a riad. After looking at tons of riads online, I booked our stay at Riad Ailen. I chose it because it was gorgeous, very clean, had a pool and air conditioning. I was staying in July and having air conditioning in the room was an absolute must. Once we finally got there it lived up to its excellent reviews. Checking in was fairly easy and everyone was very warm, friendly and welcoming. Breakfast was complimentary every morning and was super tasty. It consisted of fresh squeezed orange juice, coffee, tea and an assortment of freshly baked bread. I only wish the riad was located a little closer to the Medina. It was about a twenty-minute walk to the medina from the riad and in the heat, it was quite brutal. All, in all it was a good stay and the pool was a lifesaver in the hundred degrees plus weather during the day. My next trip to Morocco will definitely be in the cooler months. 

What I Did

Ahhh. I wish I had done more exciting things while in Marrakech. But I can't express in words how HOT Marrakech was when I visited in July. I know, I know. It wasn't the best time of year to visit, weather-wise. But I was determined to see Morocco while I was so close by in Spain and Portugal. We pretty much tried to beat the heat by staying by the pool during the day at the riad and taking tours with Viator in the morning. I am all for wandering around to get to know a new city when traveling but with so little time in Marrakesh and because of the heat, I needed a tour or two to get to know the city. I booked a basic city tour and a camel riding tour. The city tour helped us explore several gardens and palaces including El Badi Palace shown in these pics and beautiful Majorelle Garden. The camel riding tour was super fun and I hope the camels we got to know for an hour or so were well treated and cared for. We also explored the medina and mall in the New City on our own but practically melted in the heat. 

What I Wore

It was hot, hot, hot but I covered up my hair and legs, which I had been doing all summer anyway. Lol. I packed a ton of long dresses and brought along a huge collection of vintage and thrifted scarves that I wore on my head. I love dressing modestly anyway so it wasn't a problem for me to cover up even in the heat. I've been told that it's highly recommended to cover up shoulders and legs. But I saw tons of women travelers wearing tank tops and shorts. I just know that it's important to cover up your feet since they can get pretty dirty walking around the medina and in the streets. 

Have you been to Marrakech? Or do you have it on your list of places to visit?

Outfit details: Head scarf & shirt - Housing Works Thrift Shops | Dress - The Bargain District | Sneakers - 10ft by Stella Dallas

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