Monday, March 5, 2018

My Boho Chic Obsession

Boho Chic!

Have you ever put together an outfit intending for it to look one way and then when you put it on you completely look and feel a completely different way?? That was pretty much the case for this boho-chic outfit I’m wearing in this post. I absolutely love bohemian style.  There’s just something about boho fashion that just makes my heart flutter. Maybe it’s the carefree attitude and feeling to it? I love dressing boho chic every chance I get because I find it to be super comfy and so feminine.

As I confessed before, my two favorite looks are grandma chic and bohemian chic. After trying so many vintage styles and looks from several eras, these two just feel so right and so my style. And this outfit was one of those instances where I put together an outfit before trying it on at home and it turned out to be more boho chic than I expected. I had a photo shoot scheduled with my favorite photographer of all time, Tom Schaefer and had two outfits planned. I usually do only one outfit per photo session. Although now that I think about it, two outfits are per photoshoot is more efficient. But I’m usually too lazy to change outfits and tend to prefer do things the hard way. Lol.

It wasn’t until I got a peek at myself in a car window that I immediately got really into this boho chic look...thus all the movement and kicking my legs up in rejoice. Hehe. I’ve worn this dress several times before. I can’t tell you how amazing and necessary long, flowy dresses like this are to have in your closet  I scored this one from Noir Ohio and it’s come in handy so many times on several occasions. The weather was so mild and I took advantage of it and wore this vintage Levi’s jean jacket from Hamlet’s Vintage. This jean jacket added my ideal balance of feminine with casual and helped top off one of my favorite boho chic looks!

Outfit Details: Hat - June 22 | Jean Jacket - Hamlet’s Vintage | Sunglasses - Beacon’s Closet | Dress - Noir Ohio | Boots - Nine West from Marshalls | Neck Scarf - Pink Moon Vintage Co.

Thanks so much for reading!

Leigh <3

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