Monday, March 19, 2018

Feeling blah: How I got out of my funk

Ugh! I'm so glad that winter is official almost over. I've had the worst case of the winter blues all season long. It's left me super tired and wanting to stay at home on the weekends and hibernate all weekend long. That certainly was the case last Sunday when daylight savings began. It hit me like a frying pan and left me feeling like I had jet lag. Between the lack of the extra hour of sleep and the crazy winter storms we'd received, I was beyond tired. I had no choice but to stay at home and rest instead of doing my usual weekend photoshoot. I always hate missing doing photo shoots on the weekends because it means that I've fallen behind on my posting schedule for the blog and over on the gram, Instagram, that is. And with so much on my plate, I felt like I was literally falling behind on just about everything in life. It left me mentally exhausted and feeling just blah. But after feeling so utterly off for days, I decided to make some changes to help get me back to normal as soon as possible. Here's what I did:

Got Social 

I've pretty much been hibernating all winter long and haven't been as social as usual. I have so many friends that I hadn't seen in ages. We've been talking about meeting up but hadn't gotten around to it. So I decided to hit up a few friends and make plans to hang out and catch up. I ended up having an amazing lunch date, danced the night away at a museum party and had snapped these cool photos with the talented The Dusty Rose (@the.dusty.rose). Getting social left me feeling energized and inspired. It was just what I needed to get me out of my funk. 

Dolled Up 

Hanging out with friends forced me to dress up, do my hair, and wing my eyeliner. Wing eyeliner is totally my thing by the way and always instantly perks me up. One of my favorite quotes is no matter how you feel, get up, get dressed, show up, and never give up. It's so funny how this simple quote is so powerful and so utterly true. Making myself presentable felt so invigorating and refreshed. 

Dress Up

Thanks to this blazer and skirt 
scored at Housing Work's Thrift Shop's Pretty In Thrift event, I was able to finally dress up again and feel back to my normal self. It felt so nice to dress up after what felt like ages and wear my beloved vintage threads. I had been wearing sweats and old beat up jeans for like a week. It's so true that dressing up can instantly change your mood. Check out my outfit details at the end of this post! 

Made a To-Do List 

After hanging with friends and feeling so inspired and loved, I made a very detailed to-do list. I had so many things for the blog, budget, and life that needed to be done. It felt really good to jot everything down and make a plan on how to tackle everything. A
fter making my to-do list, I realized how much I was neglecting and that I had so much on my plate. For now, I'm going to focus on tackling one thing at a time. Each journey begins with a single step, right? So I'm not going to stress about tackling everything all at once. I'll focus on one thing to do at a time and remember that each tiny step gets me closer to where and who I want to be.

Outfit details: Blazer, skirt & purse - Housing Works Thrift Shops | Booties - Nine West scored at Marshall's | Sunglasses - Beacon's Closet

*All photos by the talented The Dusty Rose (@the.dusty.rose)
Thanks so much for reading! 


Leigh <3

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